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Genise Gee CollinsGenise Gee Collins

Dr Hodges is a wonderful and compassionate vet. She has taken care of many Pekingnese rescues for PVPC peke rescue. She always provides excellent care.

Martha ByrdMartha Byrd

They are the best. They take excellent care of all of our fur babies.

Sherry Poff ReichowSherry Poff Reichow

I adopted a special needs kitten when is was in graduate school years ago. A veterinary neurologist told me he would only live a year before a latent infection occurred and I would lose him. Well, 10 years later he was still running around my house causing all kids of mischief. I attribute the years I got to spend loving my sweet Thadius to the care he received from Dr. Hodges and the staff at Harris Animal Hospital. For the first 2-3 years of his life she saw him at least every other week to help me care for his legs which were left paralyzed after an accident he had when he was 4 weeks old. He was a well known character at the hospital and a favorite among the staff even though he was not the easiest patient to handle. She taught me how to take care of each of his needs and spent her own personal time researching options we could try for treatment. My family has taken our pets to Harris for most of my life and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a great veterinary practice. And I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Hodges. She truly cares about her patients and their families.

Browning FrazierBrowning Frazier

Can't say enough good things about HAH! They go above and beyond for ALL animals, including rescues. Thanks for all you do for the animal community.

Jen ColemanJen Coleman

I've been taking my cats to Dr. Hodges for seven years now. She's not only a good vet, but a good person, too. She really does care about her patients! In urgent situations, they will always work us in very quickly. One of our beloved cats recently passed away, and we got a very sweet card signed by everyone in the practice. We're very fortunate to have a vet we can trust.

Richard CoppockRichard Coppock

My Pekingese was on death's door !! He was in terrible pain and my vet tried every type of painkiller and nothing worked. I was a day away from putting him out of his misery but contacted a Pekingese Rescue group who recommended Harris Animal Hospital. He traveled down from Pennsylvania to Virginia and Dr. Hodges kept me informed of his progress and the various treatments they were trying. They never gave up and eventually diagnosed the problem. Surgery was performed and the problem was solved. I will forever be grateful for them saving his life and recommend this practice 100% to anyone who has a pet in need.

Chip IsbellChip Isbell

Dr. Hodges provided wonderful care for one of our foster Pekes. He came into rescue with a painful eye injury and had been mulled by 3 dogs with many serious leg and hip injuries. Through their loving care he was nursed back to health. We found them to be very compassionate and helpful with some of his emotional behavior issues post treatment. Much more than an animal doctor as they are professionally and emotionally committed to providing the best care possible for our four legged family members.

Emily TottenEmily Totten

Dr Hodges and all of the staff are amazing. I have been taking dogs there for more years than I can remember. My Flat Coated Retriever puppy developed a deteriorating ulcer on her eye. I took her to Dr Hodges and thanks to her observation of Neiko, she determined that she needed to go to Virginia Tech ASAP in order to save her eye. If it wasn't for Dr Hodges and her staff she could have lost her eye.
I highly recommend them

Peggy KellerPeggy Keller

We ( Tim and I) want to thank all the staff at Harris Animal clinic for the wonderful care Sami has received....he is still with us in 2015!!!! A very special thank you to Dr. Hodges... you are a very caring and compassionate veterinarian. Thank you so much!

Mary ArnoldMary Arnold

I took my cat to angle of assis. They spay her after a few days her incision opened. I took her back they put three stiches around the opening, but didn't close it. After two days she wasn't eating ,drinking or using the potty pan. She was cold to touch, just laying around. Took her back. They said to put her in a room by herself with her food , water & potty pan & leave her alone, not to touch her or mess with her that she needed to heal. She threw up bad that evening. Looked like she was dieing. I took her to Harris's . They put her on antibiotics, give her several rounds of fluids, potassium, blood work. Keep her a couple days. Took very good care of her. She is back to normal again. Thank you Harris 's . All the staff there was so sweet to her & us. Thank God for them!

Kendal SenceKendal Sence

Harris Animal Hospital is outstanding!!! They go the extra mile in everything they do!!! If it wasn't for them I wouldn't have my Rocco! Thank you so much for all you do with rescues!!!

Emma KesslerEmma Kessler

I cannot say enough praise for this place. I called Wednesday morning in a panic as I had a class pet that needed to be put down. My only free time was right then or after school. She told me to come in right away, I did and they put the hamster down. The staff was amazingly friendly, loving and caring.

Jennifer Wright WilcoxJennifer Wright Wilcox

Harris Animal Hospital is top notch in our book! Dr. Hodges and staff are very passionate when it comes to the animals in their care! I would not trust anyone else with our Addie! Thanks so much for always being there for us!!

Debbie Lawson-GoinsDebbie Lawson-Goins

The vets at Harris Animal Hospital have treated our cocker spaniels ever since we've lived in Roanoke.. Zack and Ebby and Loki and Ellery all grew up with the staff at Harris. Dr. Harris and Dr. Hodges have always treated our animals with love and compassion. And provided the best treatment for them. For the past several years, Doctor Hodges has been our vet. She has helped us through some very tough times as our dogs got older. We now have two young cocker spaniels who will meet her soon! The staff has always treated us like family and that is very much appreciated. I would recommend Harris Animal Hospital to anyone looking for quality care and good, knowledgeable people.

Julia FergusonJulia Ferguson

Harris Animal Hospital is absolutely amazing. Both Dr. Hodges and Dr. Simon have saved most of my animals lives, some more than once. They have cried with me, they have laughed with me and they have hugged me when I've needed it the most. I have never met a staff so caring about their patients, in every aspect. Every pet that comes through the doors, is treated like their own. Anybody I meet who inquires about a veterinarian, I suggest Harris Animal Hospital.

Steve HickeySteve Hickey

They take great care of your pets. Compassionate caring service from employees and Providers. Reasonable rates and fees.

Victoria Ann BrownellVictoria Ann Brownell

I have known Dr Lucinda Hodges through some rescue work for some time. I was in a dire situation with one of my dogs last week and posted it on Facebook. Dr Lucinda Hodges, immediately, jumped in with a message saying she would help us. The Veterinarian we had been seeing for this problem had refused to help us because she was 'not comfortable with the situation.'
We saw Dr Hodges the next morning and she and the staff were awesome. She jumped right in to a complex situation and said she would do whatever it took to help us and keep us out of emergency clinics at night. She regulated several medicines and added another one to get us through a really rough spot. She was messaging to monitor the situation and telling me how to adjust meds if necessary.
We have been going to the hospital most every day for laser treatments and the staff has been wonderful to us. In the midst of this, one of my old dogs needed to be euthanized and they told me to bring him in right away. They had never met Jack but everyone treated him like an old friend. They were gentle and loving which made our last moments together so sweet; we were all crying. I have never met a more compassionate and fearless veterinarian and the staff is reflective of her qualities. Thank you, Harris Animal Hospital, for not being afraid to help us out. Your kindness and reassurance meant as much to us as your physical help.

Debbie RobertsonDebbie Robertson

I love this place. I have been taking my cats and dogs here for many years. The staff and Dr. Hodges go out of their way to show compassion and care for my babies and myself. I consider them as friends and professionals. I highly recommend this animal care business to everyone.

Brittany MartinBrittany Martin

Dr. Hodges is a wonderful veterinarian who has great passion for her work and gives excellent care to her patients

Cheryl TaylorCheryl Taylor

I absolutely love Harris Animal Hospital. The staff and vet techs are amazing. Very kind and professional. We typically see Dr. Simon but have also seen Dr. Hodges on several occasions. They are both fantastic veterinarians. They have so much love and compassion for not only the animals but also us humans that bring them in. You can tell in their actions they love what they do. For them it is not just a job but a passion to help make the lives of our fur babies the best that it can be. We can not think them enough for all they have done and continue to for our babies. Emma Grace, Dolly Anne and Donnie Mac are in wonderful hands and we are forever grateful.

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