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Cheri Boyes Olander KostekCheri Boyes Olander Kostek

I have to be honest here, we have moved away from Roanoke but I still have the best memories of Harris Animal Hospital. I had two dogs, Bailey and Logan and one cat, Heidi when I would use this wonderful animal hospital for their needs. Both my dogs had health issues as they grew older but always felt that we were so important to Harris. They cried when I cried and laughed when I laughed over the crazy things with my dogs. When I wrote to Harris to tell them that they had gone to the rainbow bridge, I felt that they were as sad as I was over their loss.

Thank you Dr. Harris and Dr. Hodge for always looking after my dogs and to the staff for always making me feel special when I walked through your doors.

Steven SwainSteven Swain

We recently switched to this vet and we are extremely pleased with how friendly yet professional the entire staff are. We had to bring our chihuahua in for a c-section and they were just as excited as we were. They kept us informed through out the entire procedure through text message. Dr. Hodges is always smiling and really loves what she does and she great at what she does. Also the entire staff go above and beyond. Thank you.

Beth Hamilton GianakourosBeth Hamilton Gianakouros

We have taken our many dogs and cats to Harris Animal Hospital for over 30 years. They treat us like family. They not only provide excellent and loving veterinary care for our animals, but excellent and loving emotional support for us. My dad was a vet, so I have enough knowledge to be a good judge of their care and skill. I wouldn't take my 4 legged children anywhere else!

Mary LawsonMary Lawson

Dr. Hodges's has been caring for my animals for years and I trust their care to no one else! I've boarded my babies there twice this summer and they get so excited to go visit! The staff is so friendly it's like I'm dropping my babies off to spend the weekend with grandma!

Peggy KellerPeggy Keller

We ( Tim and I) want to thank all the staff at Harris Animal clinic for the wonderful care Sami has received....he is still with us in 2015!!!! A very special thank you to Dr. Hodges... you are a very caring and compassionate veterinarian. Thank you so much!

Sarah WhiteSarah White

First visit with my new little kitten was awesome. Sweet, knowledgeable staff. They took great care of us.

Diana Wilson SerresDiana Wilson Serres

Our rescue organization was in need to have a dog pulled from the local shelter for us and Roger went there right away and picked her up and brought her to the hospital to see Dr Hodges. She offered to begin her medical intake and gave us a generous rescue discount. This was perfect timing because while spaying Rosie, she found that her uterus was 4 times larger than normal and filled with fluid! Had 1-2 weeks gone by she would have had full blown Pyometra and died in the streets. Thank you to Dr Hodges and all of her staff for being Rosie’s Angels on Earth! ❤️

Karen CarterKaren Carter

If I could rate Dr Hodges as 10 stars here Vs 5 I would. She and her staff are the most caring animal hospital that I have ever had the pleasure to know and have them take care of my three babie. Joey Ivory and Asher. Dr Hodges goes beyond the call of duty to take care of my babies.

Thank You

Karen Carter

Elise PoffenbergerElise Poffenberger

Fish loves all his friends at Harris Animal Hospital!

Dana Lynn DavidsonDana Lynn Davidson

the staff is incredible .. couldn't be more pleased :)

Emily TottenEmily Totten

Dr Hodges and all of the staff are amazing. I have been taking dogs there for more years than I can remember. My Flat Coated Retriever puppy developed a deteriorating ulcer on her eye. I took her to Dr Hodges and thanks to her observation of Neiko, she determined that she needed to go to Virginia Tech ASAP in order to save her eye. If it wasn't for Dr Hodges and her staff she could have lost her eye.
I highly recommend them

Lesley PoffLesley Poff

Dr Hodge,s and her staff are the best, caring loving and always so ready to help, hugs when needed laughs also we have been though a lot with Dr Hodge,s and her staff over the years and I will continue with them they just love what they do and is shows all the time, they do not mind that I have a little dog by the name of Chip that is very vocal when he see,s them or for that fact any one he is the joy of my life right now and Harris animal hospital make,s sure he stays that way and have done so from day one when we got him from a rescue Dr Hodge and her staff are in my mind the best .

Julia FergusonJulia Ferguson

Harris Animal Hospital is absolutely amazing. Both Dr. Hodges and Dr. Simon have saved most of my animals lives, some more than once. They have cried with me, they have laughed with me and they have hugged me when I've needed it the most. I have never met a staff so caring about their patients, in every aspect. Every pet that comes through the doors, is treated like their own. Anybody I meet who inquires about a veterinarian, I suggest Harris Animal Hospital.

Tony OelgoetzTony Oelgoetz

I have been taking my dogs to Harris Animal Hospital since moving to the area and could not imagine going elsewhere. Dr Hodges and the staff at Harris have always treated my dogs and I as if we are part of their family and not just clients or customers. I know when I have to take my pets in for a routine visit or something more serious, they are going to get the best care possible.

Soni MillsSoni Mills

The Doctors and staff at Harris Animal Hospital are very knowledgeable, caring people. I continue to be quite pleased with the way both Dr. Hodges and Dr. Simon interact with my furry family members, as well as all others. Their calm, soothing mannerisms make all the difference in the world when working with animals. I recently took on a foster dog, Loki, who turned out to be quite the accident prone herder. After about a month in my home, Loki and my sons dog had a scuffle and Loki ended up with a broken front limb. Both doctors had a hand in treating Loki's fracture, as he became a frequent flyer so to speak due to his breed, owner compliance and accident prone-ness. Before Loki even began to heal, he broke the 2nd bone in his leg, which gave him a visible deformity to that limb, and set him up to quite possibly lose that limb all together. The fractures were not great options for surgical fixation, so Dr. Hodges made the decision to put Loki in a full front leg cast. His fractures healed beautifully, and Loki is now using that leg completely again!! Many thanks to both doctors and their staff who have all taken a part in Loki's physical recovery, as well as continued mental recovery as he is a very 'special' Rescued BC!! . ❤️ Thank You!

Debbie Lawson-GoinsDebbie Lawson-Goins

The vets at Harris Animal Hospital have treated our cocker spaniels ever since we've lived in Roanoke.. Zack and Ebby and Loki and Ellery all grew up with the staff at Harris. Dr. Harris and Dr. Hodges have always treated our animals with love and compassion. And provided the best treatment for them. For the past several years, Doctor Hodges has been our vet. She has helped us through some very tough times as our dogs got older. We now have two young cocker spaniels who will meet her soon! The staff has always treated us like family and that is very much appreciated. I would recommend Harris Animal Hospital to anyone looking for quality care and good, knowledgeable people.

Lauren EllisLauren Ellis

We had to unexpectedly take our sweet Chumlee in to be seen, while our dog had never been seen there, they took him in and helped us as much as they could! They called to check on our pup the very next morning and while at this point there wasn't much else they could do for our pup. They were very empathetic and helped ease our minds. We will definitely be using them for now on with our other dog. We are so thankful for their help and knowledge.

Jennifer TurnerJennifer Turner

We've taken our family pets to Harris for as long as I can remember. My parents were watching my dog for me when she had a medical emergency and they rushed her to Harris. My dog hadn't been there before but they took the greatest care of her! Great and very knowledgable staff

Jacky N Don LajeunesseJacky N Don Lajeunesse

We have taken our Boston Terrier Badger to Harris since we got him Aug. 2018. He loves going. Badger got nurtured 02/14/19, picture of him the next day. He’s doing great! Oh and they pulled some baby teeth that didn’t fall out plus cut his nails free of charge! They are fantastic! 👍🏼😊

Elizabeth McGeeElizabeth McGee

I knew Dr. Harris when he built and opened this hospital. He hired Dr. Hodges and Dr. Simon, he asked me what my idea of them was, I told him that both were excellent. He agreed, he said he wanted special Doctors and he got two. Dr. Hodges did so many c sections on my Bulldogs, one day she was supposed to be at a family dinner, but she called them and told them she could not attend, she had Zipper in labor. I am very protective of my dogs and these Vets do great. I left the area in 2007 when I sold the property that I had my Macbeth Kennels located. I only have Papillons now but not really breeding, but if I needed any surgeries performed, I would drive back to Harris. Thank you ladies for doing such a great job. So many dogs thank you for your devotion and kindness. Elizabeth McGee Macbeth Kennels.

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