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Lisa Presnell FranksLisa Presnell Franks

This place is awesome! Dr. Hodges's patiently answers all your questions and cares for your pet as her own. She's the best. Glad we found her!! The techs and receptionists are just as great also.

Tina Moler GroveTina Moler Grove

I can not say enough good things about this practice and Dr. Hodges. You all saved Liberty and the Freedom Five and now they are all in loving homes thanks to your wonderful care and generosity. God Bless each and everyone of you for everything you do for gods creatures.

Mary LawsonMary Lawson

Dr. Hodges's has been caring for my animals for years and I trust their care to no one else! I've boarded my babies there twice this summer and they get so excited to go visit! The staff is so friendly it's like I'm dropping my babies off to spend the weekend with grandma!

Kendal SenceKendal Sence

Harris Animal Hospital is outstanding!!! They go the extra mile in everything they do!!! If it wasn't for them I wouldn't have my Rocco! Thank you so much for all you do with rescues!!!

Brittany MartinBrittany Martin

Dr. Hodges is a wonderful veterinarian who has great passion for her work and gives excellent care to her patients

Browning FrazierBrowning Frazier

Can't say enough good things about HAH! They go above and beyond for ALL animals, including rescues. Thanks for all you do for the animal community.

Sally HicksSally Hicks

I started taking my pets there in 1974 when Dr Harris was there and I have never regretted it. He was wonderful with all of my pets and Dr Hodges, Dr Simon, and the staff are so welcoming and caring. I moved across town and would still never go anywhere else. I now have 2 15-yr old cats, TJ and his brother, Randy. TJ has had many health problems-the most recent, an intestinal blockage caused by a toy mouse he swallowed. When I got him there he was in really bad shape with surgery being his only chance. I could have taken him to Tech but I knew he would be in better hands with Dr Hodges as they knew him so well. His chance of survival was slim
Needless to say. Dr Hodges pulled him through- our miracle cat. I am very grateful for all they have done for him as well as Randy. They truly care for them as their

Dena Hoge McCloyDena Hoge McCloy

I think they are very good .They have been taking care of my cat Noodleannie for awhile she is a diabetic.

Beth Hamilton GianakourosBeth Hamilton Gianakouros

We have taken our many dogs and cats to Harris Animal Hospital for over 30 years. They treat us like family. They not only provide excellent and loving veterinary care for our animals, but excellent and loving emotional support for us. My dad was a vet, so I have enough knowledge to be a good judge of their care and skill. I wouldn't take my 4 legged children anywhere else!

Candy ReneeCandy Renee

They have went above and beyond to assist me to nurse my very sick cat back to health. An example is when I ran out of antibiotics they quickly went out of their way to make sure I would have it that day even though it takes generally 24 hours. Totally recommended.

Dawne ColemanDawne Coleman

I love Harris Animal Hospital. Great care and reasonable prices. Lucinda Hodges is awesome! She saved my girl's life 5 years ago. High praises for remaining independent from the big management companies that buy out the local vets. Thank you!❤️

Renee Rexrode BrownRenee Rexrode Brown

"Dr. Hodges, our whole family would like to thank you and your staff, especially, Diana, Bonnie, Marie and Beth for the warmth, caring and kindness all of you have showed to us and Harley. When I brought him in two weeks ago today, he was so much worse than we ever imagined, needing exploratory surgery to find out where he was bleeding internally. You immediately did the surgery, found where he was bleeding and saved his life! Thanks to you, Harley is alive today, gets to go home and is back to normal. Your sincere and careful manner with Harley showed us that you understood how much he meant to us and we will be forever grateful to you for that!"

Lesley PoffLesley Poff

Dr Hodge,s and her staff are the best, caring loving and always so ready to help, hugs when needed laughs also we have been though a lot with Dr Hodge,s and her staff over the years and I will continue with them they just love what they do and is shows all the time, they do not mind that I have a little dog by the name of Chip that is very vocal when he see,s them or for that fact any one he is the joy of my life right now and Harris animal hospital make,s sure he stays that way and have done so from day one when we got him from a rescue Dr Hodge and her staff are in my mind the best .

Jackie Richardson PetersJackie Richardson Peters

Lucinda had our then foster, now our adopted peke, Pepper Ann. She was pretty sick when she was rescued. Lucinda and her staff took exceptional care of her and got her thru some rough medical issues. I can't say enough about their expertise and compassion for their clients. I would highly recommend them.

Sherry R.Sherry R.

I adopted a special needs kitten when is was in graduate school years ago. A veterinary neurologist told me he would only live a year before a latent...

Amee S Rotella-DameAmee S Rotella-Dame

Harris Animal Hospital has been a part of my life for quite a while. I met them through Potomac Valley Peke rescue. Their love for their dogs and love and care for our fosters is unparalleled. Thank you for all you do and especially for taking care of my sweet Mollie��

Soni MillsSoni Mills

The Doctors and staff at Harris Animal Hospital are very knowledgeable, caring people. I continue to be quite pleased with the way both Dr. Hodges and Dr. Simon interact with my furry family members, as well as all others. Their calm, soothing mannerisms make all the difference in the world when working with animals. I recently took on a foster dog, Loki, who turned out to be quite the accident prone herder. After about a month in my home, Loki and my sons dog had a scuffle and Loki ended up with a broken front limb. Both doctors had a hand in treating Loki's fracture, as he became a frequent flyer so to speak due to his breed, owner compliance and accident prone-ness. Before Loki even began to heal, he broke the 2nd bone in his leg, which gave him a visible deformity to that limb, and set him up to quite possibly lose that limb all together. The fractures were not great options for surgical fixation, so Dr. Hodges made the decision to put Loki in a full front leg cast. His fractures healed beautifully, and Loki is now using that leg completely again!! Many thanks to both doctors and their staff who have all taken a part in Loki's physical recovery, as well as continued mental recovery as he is a very 'special' Rescued BC!! . ❤️ Thank You!

Diana Wilson SerresDiana Wilson Serres

Our rescue organization was in need to have a dog pulled from the local shelter for us and Roger went there right away and picked her up and brought her to the hospital to see Dr Hodges. She offered to begin her medical intake and gave us a generous rescue discount. This was perfect timing because while spaying Rosie, she found that her uterus was 4 times larger than normal and filled with fluid! Had 1-2 weeks gone by she would have had full blown Pyometra and died in the streets. Thank you to Dr Hodges and all of her staff for being Rosie’s Angels on Earth! ❤️

Genise Gee CollinsGenise Gee Collins

Dr Hodges is a wonderful and compassionate vet. She has taken care of many Pekingnese rescues for PVPC peke rescue. She always provides excellent care.

Richard CoppockRichard Coppock

My Pekingese was on death's door !! He was in terrible pain and my vet tried every type of painkiller and nothing worked. I was a day away from putting him out of his misery but contacted a Pekingese Rescue group who recommended Harris Animal Hospital. He traveled down from Pennsylvania to Virginia and Dr. Hodges kept me informed of his progress and the various treatments they were trying. They never gave up and eventually diagnosed the problem. Surgery was performed and the problem was solved. I will forever be grateful for them saving his life and recommend this practice 100% to anyone who has a pet in need.

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