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Karen CarterKaren Carter

If I could rate Dr Hodges as 10 stars here Vs 5 I would. She and her staff are the most caring animal hospital that I have ever had the pleasure to know and have them take care of my three babie. Joey Ivory and Asher. Dr Hodges goes beyond the call of duty to take care of my babies.

Thank You

Karen Carter

Brittany MartinBrittany Martin

Dr. Hodges is a wonderful veterinarian who has great passion for her work and gives excellent care to her patients

Carroll CoursonCarroll Courson

I have known Dr. Hodges since we were little girls. Being a vet is all she ever wanted to do. She always had animals(Star & Sassy) were my favorites.She worked very hard all through school to make sure she could take care of animals. I wouldn't trust anyone else with my animals.

Soni MillsSoni Mills

The Doctors and staff at Harris Animal Hospital are very knowledgeable, caring people. I continue to be quite pleased with the way both Dr. Hodges and Dr. Simon interact with my furry family members, as well as all others. Their calm, soothing mannerisms make all the difference in the world when working with animals. I recently took on a foster dog, Loki, who turned out to be quite the accident prone herder. After about a month in my home, Loki and my sons dog had a scuffle and Loki ended up with a broken front limb. Both doctors had a hand in treating Loki's fracture, as he became a frequent flyer so to speak due to his breed, owner compliance and accident prone-ness. Before Loki even began to heal, he broke the 2nd bone in his leg, which gave him a visible deformity to that limb, and set him up to quite possibly lose that limb all together. The fractures were not great options for surgical fixation, so Dr. Hodges made the decision to put Loki in a full front leg cast. His fractures healed beautifully, and Loki is now using that leg completely again!! Many thanks to both doctors and their staff who have all taken a part in Loki's physical recovery, as well as continued mental recovery as he is a very 'special' Rescued BC!! . ❤️ Thank You!

Phyllis SmithPhyllis Smith

I've been going to Harris Animal Hospital since we got our first dog back in the 70's. The vets have changed over the years but the kindness and care they give the animals just keeps getting better. I've been seeing Dr. Hodges since she came there and I hope she never leaves. She and staff are always caring and do everything possible to to make sure my pets get the best care.

Marilyn ParrMarilyn Parr

Thank you for the excellent care that you have given to Simon. I appreciate your staff and their kindness!

Martha ByrdMartha Byrd

They are the best. They take excellent care of all of our fur babies.

Don CollinsDon Collins

I know Dr. Hodges is a excellent and caring vet. I have known her all of her life.
"She happens to be my niece". Just an uncle putting in his 2 cents worth.

Deborah Hodges MartinDeborah Hodges Martin

I have know Dr Hodges since we were kids, she had large animals growing up and took care of them everyday by herself. All she ever talked about was becoming a vet. She has worked hard all her life devoting herself to the care of animals. I take my fur babies to her and she is always so patient, never rushes you and gives my babies the best care possible. You will not find a more caring and dedicated vet! Her and her staff will go out of their way to help your fur baby get the best care possible.

Beth Hamilton GianakourosBeth Hamilton Gianakouros

We have taken our many dogs and cats to Harris Animal Hospital for over 30 years. They treat us like family. They not only provide excellent and loving veterinary care for our animals, but excellent and loving emotional support for us. My dad was a vet, so I have enough knowledge to be a good judge of their care and skill. I wouldn't take my 4 legged children anywhere else!

Richard CoppockRichard Coppock

My Pekingese was on death's door !! He was in terrible pain and my vet tried every type of painkiller and nothing worked. I was a day away from putting him out of his misery but contacted a Pekingese Rescue group who recommended Harris Animal Hospital. He traveled down from Pennsylvania to Virginia and Dr. Hodges kept me informed of his progress and the various treatments they were trying. They never gave up and eventually diagnosed the problem. Surgery was performed and the problem was solved. I will forever be grateful for them saving his life and recommend this practice 100% to anyone who has a pet in need.

Sherry Poff ReichowSherry Poff Reichow

I adopted a special needs kitten when is was in graduate school years ago. A veterinary neurologist told me he would only live a year before a latent infection occurred and I would lose him. Well, 10 years later he was still running around my house causing all kids of mischief. I attribute the years I got to spend loving my sweet Thadius to the care he received from Dr. Hodges and the staff at Harris Animal Hospital. For the first 2-3 years of his life she saw him at least every other week to help me care for his legs which were left paralyzed after an accident he had when he was 4 weeks old. He was a well known character at the hospital and a favorite among the staff even though he was not the easiest patient to handle. She taught me how to take care of each of his needs and spent her own personal time researching options we could try for treatment. My family has taken our pets to Harris for most of my life and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a great veterinary practice. And I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Hodges. She truly cares about her patients and their families.

Lauren EllisLauren Ellis

We had to unexpectedly take our sweet Chumlee in to be seen, while our dog had never been seen there, they took him in and helped us as much as they could! They called to check on our pup the very next morning and while at this point there wasn't much else they could do for our pup. They were very empathetic and helped ease our minds. We will definitely be using them for now on with our other dog. We are so thankful for their help and knowledge.

Connie Cox AbdelhadiConnie Cox Abdelhadi

I needed a new Vet to take care of my three year old kitty, Snow. I researched several local vets and decided to choose Harris. I was a little apprehensive about going somewhere new, but as soon as we walked in, we felt like part of the family. I can't say enough good things about all the staff and the Dr. Thank you so much for your loving care of my baby.

Joyce Ransom CalvertJoyce Ransom Calvert

We have brought pets to Dr. Hodges for the past 20 years! OMG time really flies! We tell everyone that has a pet this is the place to bring them. Excellent care, excellent staff. Love them all

Diana Wilson SerresDiana Wilson Serres

Our rescue organization was in need to have a dog pulled from the local shelter for us and Roger went there right away and picked her up and brought her to the hospital to see Dr Hodges. She offered to begin her medical intake and gave us a generous rescue discount. This was perfect timing because while spaying Rosie, she found that her uterus was 4 times larger than normal and filled with fluid! Had 1-2 weeks gone by she would have had full blown Pyometra and died in the streets. Thank you to Dr Hodges and all of her staff for being Rosie’s Angels on Earth! ❤️

Mary ArnoldMary Arnold

I took my cat to angle of assis. They spay her after a few days her incision opened. I took her back they put three stiches around the opening, but didn't close it. After two days she wasn't eating ,drinking or using the potty pan. She was cold to touch, just laying around. Took her back. They said to put her in a room by herself with her food , water & potty pan & leave her alone, not to touch her or mess with her that she needed to heal. She threw up bad that evening. Looked like she was dieing. I took her to Harris's . They put her on antibiotics, give her several rounds of fluids, potassium, blood work. Keep her a couple days. Took very good care of her. She is back to normal again. Thank you Harris 's . All the staff there was so sweet to her & us. Thank God for them!

Reid McClureReid McClure

Dr. Hodges and staff at Harris Animal Hospital consistently provide the very highest level professional care and compassion for our family's pets and they have been doing it for over 20 years. Terri and I consider Harris Animal Hospital as family.

Cheryl BrilesCheryl Briles

Love each an everyone at the hospital. They are the most caring people I have every seen toward pets and their owners.

Christine UryniakChristine Uryniak

I started taking my babies, Gracie, Pinkie, and now, Floyd, to Dr Hodges and the staff at Harris Animal Hospital many years ago. Gracie and Pinkie have crossed the rainbow bridge, but the care they, and I, received was always exceptional. Now it's Floyd's turn, and he absolutely loves going to see everyone there.

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