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7 Reasons To Play With Your Cat

November 15, 2019

Cats are always cute, but they somehow manage to be extra adorable when they’re feeling playful. That’s not the only reason to play with your feline pal, however. As it turns out, playing is very beneficial for Fluffy! Here, a Roanoke, VA vet lists some great reasons to play with your kitty every day.


As you’ve probably noticed, kitties are rather drowsy. We’re not sure why Fluffy is so tired, but we do know she spends a rather excessive amount of time snoozing. This, of course, isn’t all that great for your furry friend’s waistline. Even a few minutes of pouncing and jumping will give your sleepy pet a great workout.

Burn Excess Energy

Some of our feline buddies are quite frisky and mischievous, especially when they’re young. If your kitty is extra zoomy, playing with her may help. Fluffy will be a bit tired after a fun play session, which means she’ll naturally act a bit calmer.


Playing is great for kitties physically, but it also benefits them mentally. Fluffy has to really think to time those tricky pounces just right. That focus is great for your furry pal’s mind. It can even help ward off cognitive decline as she ages.


When you pick up that laser pointer or feather toy for your furball to play with, she’ll know that you are doing something specifically to benefit her. This will definitely make her feel loved! Fluffy may very well hop into your lap after for cuddle time after.

Soothe Anxiety

Cats are actually quite emotional, and can suffer from stress and anxiety, just like people. Playing can be great for this! Batting a catnip mouse around gives your feline friend a healthy way to vent any angst she is feeling.

Build Confidence

Do you have a timid furball for a pet? Playing may help your scaredy-cat become a bit braver. Nailing a tricky run/pounce/jump combination can help Fluffy feel more confident in herself. Think of it as the kitty equivalent of a shy child scoring a tough goal.

It’s Fun

Last but not least, playing with kitties is just plain fun. This is also a great way to wind down after a long day. Go get that laser pointer!

Our Advice on Reasons To Play With Your Cat in 2024

Why is play important for managing a cat’s energy levels?

Play is crucial for managing a cat’s energy levels because it mimics the natural behaviors of hunting, chasing, and capturing prey, allowing cats to expend pent-up energy in a healthy, controlled manner. Daily play sessions, particularly for indoor cats, help prevent boredom and reduce potential destructive behaviors by satisfying their instinctual urges. Playing helps drain excess energy, promoting a more relaxed and calm demeanor afterward. This is especially beneficial for younger or more active cats, who may have higher energy reserves to burn off, ensuring they remain balanced and content.

Why is play considered beneficial for a cat’s emotional well-being?

Play is beneficial for a cat’s emotional well-being because it provides an outlet for stress and anxiety, mimicking natural hunting behaviors that lead to psychological satisfaction. Engaging in play stimulates a cat’s mind, keeping them mentally sharp and focused, which can prevent boredom and associated negative behaviors. It also promotes bonding with their human companions, enhancing their sense of security and belonging. Moreover, successful play sessions can boost a cat’s confidence and help manage feelings of frustration or loneliness, contributing to a happier, more contented pet.

What makes playing with cats enjoyable for pet owners?

Playing with cats offers pet owners the joy of witnessing their feline friends’ playful antics and natural instincts in action. It’s a heartwarming experience that strengthens the bond between pet and owner, fostering a deeper emotional connection. The interactive nature of play allows owners to participate actively in their cats’ well-being, providing a sense of fulfillment from contributing to their happiness and health. Additionally, the pure, unbridled joy and sometimes humorous behavior of cats during play can be a significant source of entertainment and stress relief for owners, making everyday moments special and memorable.

How can play assist in reducing a cat’s stress and anxiety?

Play can significantly reduce a cat’s stress and anxiety by providing a healthy outlet for their natural instincts and energies. Engaging in play mimics hunting behaviors, offering mental stimulation and physical exercise, which can alleviate boredom and frustration—familiar sources of stress in cats. It also releases endorphins, improving their mood and promoting relaxation. Regular playtime helps distract cats from potential environmental stressors and builds confidence through interactive and rewarding experiences. This routine creates a sense of security and can strengthen the bond between cats and their owners, further reducing anxiety levels.

What are some effective toys or games for engaging a cat in play?

Effective toys and games for engaging cats in play include laser pointers, stimulating their natural hunting instincts by allowing them to chase a moving target. Interactive toys like feather wands or teaser toys promote active engagement and mimic prey behavior. Puzzle feeders or treat-dispensing toys offer mental stimulation by encouraging problem-solving skills. Balls or small toys that can be batted around satisfy their desire to stalk and pounce. Additionally, catnip toys can heighten excitement and interest in play. Rotating these toys keeps playtime fresh and exciting for the cat.

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