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Recovering from an injury or surgery can be a long, challenging road – even for our furry family members. Companion animals can benefit from a number of rehabilitation techniques that are designed to speed healing and restore a normal range of motion. Harris Animal Hospital offers professional pet rehabilitation services to help keep our patients in tip-top shape and get them back on the path to complete health again.

Veterinary rehabilitation offers many benefits for a wide variety of situations. Whether your pet recently underwent surgery, suffered an injury, is struggling with weight, or is entering their senior years, rehabilitation can help them to enjoy a happier, more comfortable existence.

The rehab services available to patients of Harris Animal Hospital include therapeutic exercises as well as the use of various supplements and medications. Each treatment protocol is designed to address the individual needs of the patient, which results in a completely customized approach that will get the best possible results.

If your four-legged friend is struggling with injury, surgical recovery, obesity or old age, we want to help. Let the health care team at Harris Animal Hospital develop the perfect plan to get your loved one back on track again.