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Tips for Taking Care of Your Cat

Are you a new cat owner? Congratulations! You’re embarking on a delightful and enduring journey

It’s Hairball Awareness Day!

We celebrate a variety of holidays and important awareness events in April, such as National

Top FAQs About Pet Poisoning

This year, National Animal Poison Prevention Week will start on March 17th. This subject is

Senior Cat Care: Tips From A Roanoke, VA Veterinarian 

Is your feline buddy starting to show signs of age? Although kitties are considered seniors

A Roanoke, VA Vet Weighs In About Itchiness In Pets 

Do you often find your pet scratching against things? Does your furry friend beg for

Bathing Your Cat: Cat Care Tips From A Roanoke, VA Veterinarian 

One benefit of having a cat for a pet is the fact that kitties are
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