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Check the Chip Day

August 15, 2018

Today, August 15th, is Check The Chip Day. This is a very important holiday for pet parents! If your furry pal hasn’t been microchipped yet, we strongly recommend that you get this done ASAP. That tiny device may one day save your beloved pet’s life! Read on as a local Salem, VA vet discusses microchips.

Lost Pets: A Sobering Statistic

Did you know that as many as one in three pets will get lost at some point in their lives? We know, no one likes to think of this happening. But, unfortunately, millions of pets end up in shelters every year. Since most shelters do check for microchips, pets that have microchips are much more likely to be reunited with worried owners than those without microchips.

Microchip Basics

A microchip doesn’t actually transmit any information. In fact, the chip only contains a unique ID number. This number is attached to your file in the chipmaker’s database. It can be read with special scanners used by animal shelters and veterinarians. As long as your information is correct, the chip will form a permanent, unbreakable link between you and your furry companion. To learn more about the process and benefits of microchipping, read our article on Microchipping Your Pet.

The Procedure

Getting your little (or not so little) buddy microchipped will only take a few moments. This simple procedure can be scheduled alone, or worked into another veterinary appointment. Your vet will use a hypodermic needle to inject the chip under your pet’s skin. (It’s usually placed between the shoulder blades.) Complications are extremely rare. As for recovery time, we recommend some snuggles and perhaps a special treat.

Records Maintenance

Once your four-legged pal has been equipped with a microchip, you’ll need to make sure that your information is correct in the chip manufacturer’s database. This is very important! If your records are missing or incomplete, the chip will be useless. Remember to update this information whenever you move or change your contact information.

Checking The Chip

Is your furry friend is already chipped? If so, that’s great! Try using the AAHA Universal Pet Microchip Lookup tool, which is located here, to check your information.


Microchips don’t need any maintenance. However, we do recommend having your vet check the chip during your pet’s regular appointments. This is just to ensure it hasn’t malfunctioned or slipped.

Please contact us, your Salem, VA pet clinic, for all your pet’s veterinary care needs. We’re happy to help!

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