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Cute Ways Cats Demand Your Attention

July 15, 2019

Cats have a special way of making us smile with their quirks and silly antics. One area where our feline friends really ham it up is when they want our attention. Fluffy actually has developed some pretty adorable ways of getting us to pet her, feed her, or pick her up. A Roanoke, VA vet lists some of the cutest ones in this article.

The Meow

First and foremost, we have the meow. Cats may actually have started meowing just so they could boss their humans around. As it turns out, adult cats rarely meow at each other. They usually only vocalize when they want to communicate with us. The fact that Fluffy’s meow sounds like the cries of a human baby may not be a coincidence. Our feline pals apparently realized long ago that mimicking the sounds of an infant is a great way to melt our hearts… and get us to offer food and cuddles.

Kitty Rampage

Does Fluffy enjoy knocking small objects off tables? No one knows for sure why cats do this, but it very well may be a way of demanding attention.

The Flop

If your furball lets you pet her belly, consider yourself lucky. Kitties only let people they really trust rub their tummies. If Fluffy flops over in front of you, she may be inviting you to pet her stomach. This adorable request is hard to refuse!

The Interception

Your kitty may also dash out in front of you or weave back and forth before you. Fluffy most often uses this tactic when she wants you to feed her right meow.

The Lap Hop

Fluffy isn’t always subtle with her demands. She may just jump right into your lap!

The Leg Rub

Does Fluffy sometimes rub against your legs? This is another adorable way kitties request dinner or attention. (Usually dinner.)

The Arm Snag

This is one of cats’ more polite ways of requesting attention. Your furball may gently grab at you with her claw, or tap you with her paw.

The Stare

Last but not least, some cats will simply position themselves near you and stare at you until you react. Sooner or later, you’ll break down and pet Fluffy… which is exactly what she wants!

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