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DIY Cat Furniture

June 1, 2018

Does your kitty have some furniture of her own? If so, that’s great! Cats don’t mind ‘borrowing’ our things, but they are really much better off with some pieces that were made to suit them. You don’t have to go broke buying Fluffy’s furniture, however. Read on for some great DIY ideas from a Roanoke, VA vet.

Cat Tower

You can make your furball a cute cat tower by repurposing an old stepladder, bookcase, or metal storage rack. Add planks to the shelves to widen them out. Then, wrap the whole thing in carpet or sisal rope. If you are up to a bit more of a challenge, you can also make one from scratch out of lumber, PVC pipe, or even a large branch!

Kitty Beds

As far as Fluffy is concerned, there is simply no such thing as too many beds. You can make your drowsy pet a cute bed out of a hard shell suitcase or hat box, a wooden crate, or a wicker basket. Stain or paint it if you like, to make it look nice, then add soft blankets or pillows.


This one is super easy! All you need is an end table or coffee table with four legs, and a piece of fabric. Cut the fabric so that it is a bit smaller than the table top, then attach the corners to the legs with twine or Velcro.

Box Castle

We may never entirely figure out Fluffy’s box obsession. However, we do know one thing: it’s absolutely adorable. Make your furry little diva her own palace out of cardboard boxes. This can be as simple or complex as you want!

Pet Tent

You can make Fluffy a little pet tent out of an old tee shirt and wire hangars. This one is very popular with shy kitties and cats that love small spaces! If you’re feeling a bit more adventurous, make Fluffy her own little tipi. Look online for step-by-step instructions.

Window Seat

Birdwatching is one of Fluffy’s favorite activities! Bring on the purr by adding a smooth board or plank to a window sill to widen it out into a kitty seat. To make this even more fun for your fuzzy voyeur, put a bird feeder up in her line of sight.

While you’re setting up cozy spots for Fluffy, don’t forget about Fido’s needs during the warmer months. Check out our ‘Summer Care for Dogs’ for essential tips to keep your canine friend happy and healthy. Creating a stimulating environment for Fluffy is important, but so is addressing any health concerns. Explore our ‘Allergies & Dermatology’ services to ensure your pet’s well-being inside and out. As your Roanoke, VA vet clinic, we are dedicated to providing excellent care. Please contact us anytime!

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