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Doggy Paw Care Tips

May 1, 2020

Does your dog sometimes put his paw on your leg when he wants attention or needs a walk? Fido’s furry feet are one of his cutest traits! They’re also absolutely crucial to his health and well-being. After all, your pooch couldn’t run or jump without them! Read on as a local Salem, VA vet discusses caring for your pet’s paws.


Just like human skin, dogs’ paw pads can get dry and cracked. Use paw balm or wax to moisturize and protect Fido’s feet. Petroleum jelly will also work.


When walking Fido, keep your pooch on soft ground as much as you can, especially when it’s hot out. Dogs can easily burn their paws on scorching tar or sand! Also, pay attention to the terrain. Steer your canine pal around things like broken glass, sharp rocks, and spilled liquid.


Keep your dog’s claws clipped! Long nails can be very uncomfortable for dogs. Your canine buddy may adjust his gait to compensate, which isn’t good for his bones and joints. Overgrown nails also tend to snag and tear on things. You will need to be careful not to cut too far. Ask your vet to demonstrate proper techniques. Or, just call us to schedule a pawdicure for Fido.

Toe Fur

Does your furry pal have tufts of fur growing around his toes? We recommend trimming these. They sometimes get matted, and can collect things like gum or other foreign objects. In winter, they also attract clumps of snow and ice.

Paw Wipes

You may want to start wiping Fido’s paws down before you bring him in. This will remove dust, dirt, and pollen from his feet. Plus, it will remove traces of chemicals, such as lawn fertilizer, that he may have walked through. Of course, it will also keep him from tracking mud all over your floors!


Does Fido like swimming? Be extra careful with him when he gets out of the water. Dogs’ paw pads are very delicate when they’re wet, so your pup will be at higher risk of getting painful burns or blisters.


Check Fido’s feet regularly. Look for cuts, scrapes, and swelling, as well as ticks, glass, splinters, or other foreign objects. Call your vet for anything more than a light nick.

As your local Salem, VA vet clinic, we are dedicated to offering great care. Call us today!

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