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Doghouse Repair Month

July 1, 2020

July is Doghouse Repair Month! If your canine buddy has a house of his own, this is a great time to take a good look at it. A Salem, VA vet offers some tips on maintaining—or even ‘pupgrading’—doghouses below.


First and foremost, give Fido’s doghouse a good cleaning. Be sure to get into those corners! Rinse it thoroughly after. If you have bedding in there, remove that as well. We actually don’t recommend putting beds in doghouses, as these tend to attract mice and fleas. Your four-legged friend would probably prefer not to have any roommates! Use a soft mat or carpet instead.


Take a close look at Fido’s outdoor home. You’ll want to check for things like nails sticking out, splinters, sharp edges, holes, and rotted areas. These can be quite dangerous! If there are too many issues, it’s best to just replace the doghouse.


Speaking of replacements, if your pooch needs a new doghouse, you’ll want to keep some things in mind when shopping. Your canine pal’s house should be comfortable, but not too big. You want Fido to think of it as a cozy den, not a huge mansion. Also, choose something that offers good insulation, and has the door set to one side. Last but not least, avoid pressure-treated wood. The chemicals used to process it aren’t safe for dogs.


Ideally, Fido’s doghouse should be raised up off the ground a bit. Depending on where it’s located, you may want to reposition it. In winter, you want the opening to face away from prevailing winds. However, in summer, your pup may enjoy a cool breeze. However, you don’t want to leave empty holes beneath it, as these could attract snakes or other critters. Block off any openings under your furry friend’s house.


Want to have some fun with Fido’s outdoor home? Make a little sign for it! Or, add some pet-safe plants. You can also paint it. Make it match your house, or do something fun and different. Another option is to give your pooch a deck to sprawl out on. If you really want to score some tail wags, give your canine friend his own little yard, and add a kiddie pool, ramps, or even outdoor toys.

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