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Fluffy’s Golden Years

July 1, 2018

Is your feline friend aged six or older? If so, Fluffy may be approaching her golden years, or already in them! Senior kitties are just as cute as kittens, but their needs are a little different. A Salem, VA vet discusses senior cat care below.


Senior kitties are master nappers, capable of snoozing as much as 20 hours a day. Make sure Fluffy has lots of comfy beds.

Veterinary Care

Your furball may need to come in more often as she ages, so your vet can keep a close eye on her health. Follow your vet’s recommended appointment schedule. At home, keep an eye out for signs of illness. Call your vet immediately if you notice anything unusual about Fluffy’s appearance or behavior. For a thorough understanding of your senior cat’s health and to catch any potential issues early, consider our ‘Diagnostics’ services, designed to provide comprehensive health assessments for pets like Fluffy.

As Fluffy ages, being vigilant for any signs of illness becomes increasingly important. Learn more about what symptoms to look out for by reading our article on ‘Signs of Illness in Cats.’

Kitty Steps

Older cats sometimes have a hard time jumping up to their favorite napping spots. Get Fluffy some kitty stairs. Or, just set out a footstool or ottoman for your furry pal.


Your feline pal may develop problems with her vision. Keep a nightlight on for your kitty after dark.


While your kitty probably won’t be as playful as she once was, she’ll still benefit from play sessions, both mentally and physically. Even a few minutes of pouncing will help keep your pet fit and happy.


Fluffy may have trouble using a litterbox with high walls. Get her one with low sides. If you have a large house, and/or multiple floors, keep litterboxes on each floor. That way, your kitty won’t have to use the stairs as much.


Just like people, cats in their senior years can get confused and forgetful. Fluffy may forget where her water dish is, or get lost going to the litterbox. It isn’t uncommon for older cats to meow loudly in distress when these things happen. Just cuddle your pet when this happens, and soothe her as best as you can.


Senior cats sometimes have trouble cleaning their entire bodies. Help your furry little diva out by gently brushing her.

Purrs and Snuggles

Many kitties become extremely affectionate in their golden years. Spend time with Fluffy: talk to her, pet her, and offer lots of forehead kisses and ear scritches. Senior cat purrs are truly precious! Just be very gentle when picking your cat up or putting her down.

Please contact us, your Salem, VA pet hospital, anytime. We’re here to help!

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