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Helping Your Shelter Cat Settle In

August 1, 2023

August is Clear The Shelters Month! This is an annual drive to help adoptable pets find wonderful furever homes, with the ultimate goal being empty shelters. If you’re considering adopting a kitty, this is a purrfect time to bring Fluffy into your life. Of course, getting adopted is a huge deal for our feline pals. A local Roanoke, VA vet offers some advice on helping your kitty get settled in this article.

Don’t Let Fluffy Out

We always recommend keeping cats inside. They’re much safer indoors! Fluffy may enjoy outdoor kitty activities, like leaving paw art on cars, but it’s really not safe to let her wander. Cats that are allowed out are vulnerable to many dangers, such as traffic, weather, and other animals. There’s also the risk of your feline pal getting lost. Recently-adopted cats are even more at risk, as they won’t know the area well enough to find their way back. Regular check-ups with our Veterinary Services can also help ensure your newly-adopted cat stays healthy and happy in her new home.

Make Your Place Welcoming

Fortunately for us, our feline pals don’t have very expensive tastes. It’s not hard to make your home into a luxury mansion for a kitty. Offer lots of comfy spots for napping, and provide things for Fluffy to climb on and explore. (Cat towers are a purrfect option.) If you have space, make your furry pal a catio by putting plants and cat furniture on an enclosed patio or in a sunny spot. If you live in an apartment, there are some additional considerations to keep in mind when caring for a cat. Check out our article on Caring For Fluffy In An Apartment for more tips on creating a feline-friendly space in a smaller home.

Keep in mind that Fluffy may feel a bit frightened and uneasy at first. Start her out in a small area, such as a spare room, and let her gradually explore her new kingdom. Timid kitties will also appreciate having things they can hide in, such as enclosed condos or even paper grocery bags.

Toys And Playtime

Fluffy is very playful, which is one reason she is such a fun pet. Offer your little buddy lots of catnip mice and other kitty playthings, and take time to play with her. This will help her burn off nervous energy and help her feel that she’s in a safe place. It’s also great for bonding.

Calming Products

Have you adopted a scaredy cat? You may want to pick up some kitty-calming products, which you can get at most pet stores. Just follow the instructions to the letter.

Do you have questions about caring for your feline pal? Contact us, your Roanoke, VA pet hospital, today!

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