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Holidays With Kittens

December 1, 2020

Has a kitten just joined your household? Congratulations! There are few things that are more adorable than baby cats. There are also few things more prone to mischief than baby cats! This can be a dangerous time of year for a frisky little furball. A local Roanoke, VA vet offers a few tips on helping little Fluffy get through her first holiday season below.


Don’t forget to get your kitty her own stocking! Your tiny feline will be very frisky and playful at this stage of her life, so get her lots of toys. Little Fluffy may be too young for catnip, but she will enjoy some special treats. Other purr-starters include comfy beds, scratching posts, pet tents, and boxes.


Keep your tiny friend in mind as you’re decorating. Anything small or sharp is a hazard, as are items with ropes or threads. This includes things like garlands, tinsel, and lights. Pine needles are another concern: if your furry buddy tries to chew or eat them, they could choke her or cause internal injuries. Many popular plants are also unsafe. This includes mistletoe, yew, poinsettia, and ivy. Other concerns include candles, potpourri burners, and ornament hooks. Keep these items well out of reach of those tiny paws!


Don’t be surprised if your kitten is fascinated by the tree. As far as Fluffy is concerned, it’s a giant scratching post hung with toys. (Tip: keep tinsel, lights, and breakable ornaments on the top part of the tree. All you want on the lower rungs are a few non-breakable items.)


If you’re having people over, ask them to pet and play with your furry friend. (This probably won’t be too difficult.) Socialization is very important for baby cats! Just keep a close eye on your little buddy. Kittens can squeeze into tiny openings, and they aren’t very visible when they curl up under a blanket!Take lots of adorable photos of your feline pal! Little Fluffy will grow up very quickly, and that super cute kitten phase will be over before you know it.

This is a wonderful time of year to bond with your kitty. Take time to play with little Fluffy, and let her sleep on your lap if you want.

Happy Holidays from all of us here at Harris Animal Hospital, your local Roanoke, VA veterinary clinic. Contact us anytime!

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