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Important COVID-19 Update and Harris Animal Hospital

March 30, 2020


Providing excellent care and service to all of our patients continues to be the highest priority at Harris Animal Hospital. Due to the rapidly evolving threat of the COVID-19 outbreak and the Governor’s social distancing and gatherings orders (executive order 53), we find it necessary to implement the following protocols to protect our doctors, staff and you, our valued clients, from potential Coronavirus exposure:

1. Clients are currently not allowed inside our hospital building. Upon your arrival please park in the spaces that do not have an orange cone in front of them and call 540-362-3753 for further instructions.

2. If you are picking up a prescription for medications, flea/tick/heartworm preventatives or food items we will bring them to your vehicle along with your receipt.

3. We prefer payment to be made via credit/debit cards but will accept cash and checks.

4. If you are bringing your pet in for an examination, testing or surgical procedure an Assistant will meet you at your vehicle to bring your pet into the Hospital. For security purposes: a. Cats will need to be in a secure carrier. b. Dogs will be double-leashed by our staff (your leash will be left with you)

5. Our doctors will call you with any questions during the exam/procedure and will follow-up with you once the exam-procedure is completed.

6. If your pet has been in a home where someone has been diagnosed with COVID-19, is suspected of having COVID-19 or are experiencing any of the following symptoms: a. Coughing b. Sneezing c. Fever d. Tiredness e. Difficulty breathing

Please let us know during the appointment call so that we may determine if the exam can be conducted via telemedicine or if you need to bring them in to see our doctors. If it is determined that your pet needs to come in we will have advanced notice to implement extra precautionary measures to ensure safety for all involved.

7. Harris Animal Hospital follows the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) and the Virginia Veterinary Medical Association (VVMA) guidance for COVID-19 cleaning protocol to assure the best protection for our doctors, staff, patients and clients.

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