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Kitten Care Tips

September 15, 2017

Have you recently adopted a new kitten? Congratulations! We love to see cats going to wonderful, loving homes. Kittens are of course absolutely adorable, but they can be a handful. Little Fluffy definitely has a knack for getting herself into mischief! You’ll want to take some steps to keep your tiny buddy happy, healthy, and purring during this crucial stage of her life. Read on for some great kitten care tips from a Salem, VA vet.


Kitties are known for being curious, but they don’t always understand what is and isn’t safe for them to eat, play with, or sleep on. We strongly recommend doing some basic kittyproofing. Remove or secure toxic plants; plastic bags and wrappers; small or sharp objects; wires and cords; chemicals; and medications. Ask your vet for more information.


As you probably know, kittens are super frisky. Your pint-sized pal may very well want to practice her pouncing and jumping skills on you. Nip this habit in the bud. You definitely don’t want little Fluffy to grow up thinking of you as a giant cat toy! If your playful pet attacks you, say ‘No’ firmly, then ignore her until she’s ready to behave.


Baby cats can fit into some very small spaces. This can get a tiny little explorer into lots of trouble! Get into the habit of checking under blankets and recliners before sitting down, and keep major appliances, such as dryers, closed when not in use.

Veterinary Care

Your furry friend will need to come in a few times during that crucial first year, for exams, vaccinations, microchipping, and spay/neuter surgery. Parasite control is also important. At home, keep a close eye out for any potential signs of illness, such as fever, lethargy, or vomiting. Kittens are quite fragile, and can get sick very fast, so if you do notice anything unusual, contact your vet immediately. To ensure your kitten grows into a healthy adult cat, familiarize yourself with ‘Your Cat’s Veterinary Care Needs’ for a comprehensive understanding of all stages of your feline friend’s life.


Kittens love to be held and petted. Spend lots of time with your feline pal, and pay attention to her every day. This will help ensure that your cat is properly socialized, and will also help her bond with you. Plus, what better way is there to end a long day than by snuggling with a purring kitten?

If you notice any unusual symptoms in your kitten, such as itchy skin or unusual shedding, it might be time to explore our ‘Allergies & Dermatology’ services for expert care and treatment. Please contact us, your Salem, VA animal clinic, with any questions or concerns about your kitten’s health or care. We’re here to help!

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