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Reasons to Adopt Fluffy From a Shelter

June 1, 2021

June Is Adopt A Shelter Cat Month! There’s no better way to get yourself a new feline buddy than by adopting her from a shelter. A local Salem, VA vet lists some reasons why in this article.

Save A Life

Many shelters are going no-kill. We’re thrilled to see this trend growing. Unfortunately, it isn’t universal. Fluffy may only have a short time to get adopted. You may very well be saving your furry pal’s life!

Help Other Kitties

Another reason to get Fluffy from a shelter is the fact that it also helps other kitties. Your furball’s adoption fees will help the shelter with the expenses of providing food and care for their other adorable wards. Plus, you’ll open up some extra room … which of course will soon be filled by another cute cat in need of a forever home and a warm lap to curl up in.

Find Your Purrfect Match

There are millions of adoptable cats in shelters. Each one of them is unique in some way. You may want a furball of a certain color, age, or breed. Or, you may be more interested in a certain personality type. No matter what you’re looking for, you can find Fluffy in a shelter. Of course, it’s also important to keep an open mind. Don’t overlook that senior cat, or the one with no tail. Sometimes these imperfect kitties make the best pets!


Shelters are often overwhelmed at this time of year, as kitten season is in full swing. Because of this, many of them offer reduced rates on older furballs or those that haven’t had any luck getting adopted. Some may even have two-for-one deals. Consider getting two felines. Two cats don’t cost much more than one. Our feline friends both enjoy and benefit from having playmates and cuddle buddies.

Purrs And Cuddles

Our feline pals have a reputation for being aloof, but at the end of the day, they can be extremely affectionate. Kitties know when someone has helped them and been kind to them, and they are often extremely cuddly and affectionate with their saviors. Fluffy will repay you with purrs, snuggles, and unconditional love. That’s a pretty good deal, as far as we are concerned!

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Does your new pet need to come in for an exam? Contact us, your local Salem, VA veterinary clinic, anytime! Ensure your furry friend stays healthy by staying up-to-date with Veterinary Wellness & Pet Vaccinations. Regular check-ups and preventive care are crucial for a long, happy life for your pet.

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