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Spring Cleaning for Pet Parents

April 15, 2018

It’s that time of year again! Spring cleaning will be on quite a few to-do lists over the next few weeks. As you roll your sleeves up and get to it, don’t forget about your furry friend’s things! A Roanoke, VA vet offers some spring cleaning tips for pet parents below. In addition to regular brushing during peak shedding times, keeping your dog’s nails trimmed is crucial for their comfort and health. For tips on how to safely trim your dog’s nails, check out our article ‘Trimming Your Dog’s Nails’.


Check all of your pet’s toys, and toss and replace anything that is worn or ripped. You can clean and disinfect Fido’s rope toys by soaking them with water and microwaving them on high for one minute. (Be sure to remove metal parts first.) Stuffed animals can go in the washing machine. Use hot cycles and unscented detergent, and then tumble dry. Tennis balls are also machine washable. For these, you’ll want to use the cold cycle and hang dry. Plastic and rubber toys, such as Kong toys, can often be cleaned in the dishwasher. Remove any crud first, and then use the hot cycle and no soap. The steam and water will do the job. Anything else can be rinsed, or put into a plastic bag and frozen for a few days to kill germs.


Go through your pet’s food, treats, and medications. Discard anything that looks stale and/or is past the expiration date. If you store your four-legged pal’s things in another container, clean that as well.


Give your pet’s clothing and bedding a good washing. Use hot cycles on your washer and dryer, and opt for unscented soap. If your pet’s bed won’t fit into the washing machine, vacuum it. Running a hot iron over it can also help kill fleas and bacteria. Just be careful not to burn it!

The Furkid

This is a peak shedding time for many pets. Brush your furry buddy daily in spring. The more fur you trap with a brush, the less you’ll find on your clothes and furniture!

The House

Does your canine buddy leave nose prints on your windows? Use newspaper and vinegar to clean the glass and get rid of Fido’s doggy art masterpieces. We also recommend vacuuming thoroughly, and changing your air filters. To get fur off furniture and upholstery, try using a squeegee, a rubber dish glove, or a damp sponge. They work great!

Spring cleaning is a great time to also consider your pet’s health, especially if they suffer from allergies or skin issues. Learn how our ‘Allergies & Dermatology’ services can help keep your pet healthy and comfortable. Please contact us, your Roanoke, VA pet hospital, with any questions or concerns about your pet’s health or care. We’re here to help!

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