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Taking Fluffy to the Groomer

April 1, 2021

One of the best things about cats is the fact that they are so clean. Fluffy will spend hours every day keeping her fur nice and pretty. However, some kitties do need a helping hand with their beauty rituals. A Roanoke, VA vet discusses taking your cat to the salon in this article.

Check Requirements Before First Appointment

Any reputable groomer is going to have questions and requirements. You will likely have to show proof that Fluffy is current on her vaccinations. Some places may only require rabies, while others may want proof that your pet is also protected from FVRCP (Feline Distemper) and/or FeLV (Feline Leukemia). If your furry pal has health issues and/or is immunocompromised, consult your vet and groomer before scheduling.

Fluffy’s Style

A good groomer will take time on that first appointment to look over Fluffy’s coat and skin, and then talk things over with you. They may give you an idea of how long the appointment will take, discuss cuts or styles, and, of course, go over price. Do you want your kitty to have a lion cut? This is the time to ask about it!

The Ride Over

Many cats are not very fond of car rides. It will help to make Fluffy’s carrier more comfortable. Add soft bedding and toys. Pet-calming products may also come in handy here. Finally, keep the radio playing softly.

Picking Fluffy Up

At pickup, your groomer may offer you any insight or observations about Fluffy and/or the appointment. They may also recommend a grooming schedule, or perhaps a different cut or procedure. You will also want to look your pet over. Make sure that her coat is clean. If the cut isn’t what you wanted, this is the time to mention it.

Keep in mind that cats are just better about being groomed than others. This is normal. However, if your kitty had a complete meltdown, you may want to look at other options.

Getting Home Again

Once you get home, don’t be surprised if Fluffy withdraws to try and clean her fur her way. She may also lick herself, and may want a nap before she’s ready to cuddle. This is normal. However, if she is limping, feverish, or otherwise acting unusual, call your vet immediately.

As your Roanoke, VA veterinary clinic, we’re here to help! Call us today!

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