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Tips For A Successful Litterbox Setup

June 1, 2019

Cats are very clean, which is one of the many reasons we love them so much. You won’t have to rush home to take Fluffy for a walk, as she will discretely relieve herself in her own purrsonal powder room. However, setting up a litterbox correctly does require some thought and planning. Read on as a Salem, VA vet offers tips on arranging Fluffy’s bathroom.


Kitties have their own unique tastes when it comes to litterboxes. Some cats, for example, don’t like perfumed litters. If you change brands, and Fluffy starts avoiding her box, go back to the old litter. Also, if you have a kitten, avoid clay or clumping litters. Your tiny pet may be a bit clumsy, and could accidentally ingest litter. This can cause serious internal problems! You may also have noticed that there are now litters available that can alert you to specific health issues by changing color. Ask your vet for advice on using these. If your cat is having persistent issues with using the litterbox, consider Behavioral Counseling to help address the problem.


There are some things to keep in mind when buying litterboxes. Senior kitties often have a hard time getting in and out of boxes with high sides. If Fluffy is in her golden years, choose one with low walls. You can also find many boxes that make cleaning easier, such as stackable ‘sifting’ boxes or self-cleaning ones. Feel free to experiment. We just suggest reading reviews, and checking with your vet.


Choosing the right spot is very important! Don’t put Fluffy’s litterbox in your kitchen or near her food bowls. Pick a place that offers your cat some privacy, but isn’t hard for her to access. Avoid areas that are chilly, difficult to reach, or in direct sunlight. If your home has more than one level, you may want to put litterboxes on each floor.

Multiple Cats

If you have more than one furball, you’ll need more than one litterbox. As a rule of thumb, you should have one box per kitty, plus at least one extra. Your pets may have individual preferences for litter and litterboxes, so you may need to do some experimenting. We also recommend putting the boxes in different places. If they are right beside each other, your kitties may think it’s one big box. For more information on caring for multiple cats, check out our article on Having Multiple Cats.

Please contact us, your Salem, VA animal clinic, with questions or concerns about your cat’s health or care. We’re happy to help!

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