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5 Things To Do With Your Dog This Summer

May 14, 2022

Summer is just around the corner! We know that many of you are making plans, and looking forward to resuming many of the activities that were derailed by the pandemic for the past two years. Our canine companions also enjoy the warmer weather! Read on as a local Roanoke, VA vet lists a few things to put on yours and Fido’s agenda this year.

Splash Around

Many people enjoy cooling off on sweltering days by going for a swim. While not all dogs like the water, many of them do enjoy going for dips. If your furry pal likes swimming, take him to a pet-friendly park or beach. Your pup may also enjoy splashing around in the water from a fountain or kiddie pool.

Have A Photo Shoot

Smartphones have changed the world in many ways. One of the biggest is the fact that we can take great pictures pretty much all the time. You may have plenty of cute candid shots of your furry bff, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to get some really good ones. Play with effects, light, angles, and filters. You can never have too many cute pet pics!

Enjoy A Cold Snack

When people think of summer, treats like ice cream often come to mind. Our canine pals also enjoy frozen treats! You can find doggy ice cream in many pet stores and grocery markets. You can also make your own! Just stick with ingredients you know are safe, such as natural peanut butter, sodium-free broth, and pureed pumpkin.

Playdates With Pals

Dogs are very sociable, and they are pack animals at heart. Give Fido a chance to run and play with his canine buddies. Meeting up with friends or family at a dog park is a great option, as you also get to hang out with your friends! Just be sure your pup is up-to-date on all his vaccinations and parasite prevention before heading out to socialize. Our Veterinary Wellness & Pet Vaccinations services can help keep your furry friend healthy and ready for all his summer adventures.

Quiet Time

Activities and adventures are lots of fun, and they’re always better with dogs. But don’t underestimate those quiet moments. Enjoy some down time with your furry best friend. Taking Fido for a slow walk or just reading a book while he snores at your feet is a great way to enjoy those precious summer nights. You might even catch your pup doing some adorably cute things during these relaxed moments. Check out our article on Cute Things Your Dog Will Do This Month for some heartwarming examples.

Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns about your dog’s health or care. As your Roanoke, VA animal hospital, we’re here to help!

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