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Cute Things Your Dog Will Do This Month

December 15, 2022

Season’s Greetings! Over the next few weeks, many of us will be enjoying traditional seasonal festivities, or perhaps just enjoying quiet time with our loved ones. As it turns out, our canine companions also have a few holiday activities on their agendas. A Roanoke, VA vet goes over some of Fido’s favorite ones below.

Pose For Photos

Man’s Best Friend is always cute. However, Fido often manages to be extra adorable at this time of year. Get him some doggy antlers, or a little Santa vest. These can make for super cute seasonal photos! Just stick with things that were made for pets, though; they’re safer and more comfortable for your furry friend.

Greet Guests

Fido is quite serious about his door doggy duties. Of course, some of our canine pals get a bit too worked up about greeting people. If your pup tends to growl or jump on people, keep him in another area as people are coming or going. For a better long term solution, consult your vet or a professional behaviorist, and ask for tips on teaching your pooch better petiquette.

Beg For Treats

Food is a big part of many holiday celebrations, and our furry pals are more than happy to enjoy some seasonal snacks with us. Just take care with what you offer Fido. Table scraps are definitely a no, as are meat on the bone; garlic and onions; alcohol; caffeine; chocolate; grapes and raisins; raw dough or yeast, or anything with a lot of salt, sugar or fat. Ask your vet for specific information,

Play With New Toys

Don’t forget to get Fido something special! There are all sorts of fun new options for pet toys on the market these days, from smart toys that react to dogs’ movements to puzzle toys that keep playful pups occupied for hours. If you need some ideas for your furry friend’s stocking, check out our article on Stocking Stuffers For Fido.

Investigate New Things

Fido gets a lot of his information about the world through smell and/or taste, and he’ll probably want to check out anything new you put up or bring home. Be careful to keep only safe items within paws’ reach. Many decorations are dangerous to dogs! That list includes anything small or sharp, such as ornaments; wires, cords, lights, and ribbons; candles; and many seasonal plants. Ask your vet for more information. Regular check-ups with our Veterinary Wellness & Pet Vaccinations services can also help ensure your furry friend stays healthy and safe during the holiday season.

Happy Holidays! Please contact us, your local Roanoke, VA pet hospital, anytime!

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