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6 Great Holiday Gifts for Lazy Cats

December 1, 2018

With the holidays approaching , many people are picking out gifts for their loved ones. Kitties are usually very frisky when they are young, but they tend to slow down as they age. Actually, Fluffy gets, well, a bit lazy as she grows older. Read on as a local Roanoke, VA vet lists some gifts you can make for an unmotivated kitty.


We don’t have to guess at how your furry buddy spends most of her time: sleeping. Kitties can sleep up to 20 hours a day, though most of them clock around a measly 12-14 hours. Beds make a great gift for Fluffy! Don’t worry if your feline buddy already has a few beds. As far as cats are concerned, you simply can’t have too many napping spots! (Disclaimer: we can’t guarantee that your pet won’t ignore her new bed and sleep on a pizza box or armchair instead. With cats, you never really know.) To ensure your lounging kitty maintains a healthy weight despite her leisurely lifestyle, explore our ‘Nutrition & Weight Management’ services.

More Beds

You probably don’t want to go overboard buying multiple beds for Fluffy. Why not make some? Turn a hatbox, hard-shell suitcase, or wicker basket into a comfy napping spot for your drowsy furball simply by adding soft pillows or blankets. You can coat it with paint or varnish to make it look nice.


Who says kitties have expensive taste? Fluffy may be thrilled to find herself with a box to jump into when she wants to relax after a long day of doing absolutely nothing.

Window Seat

Birdwatching is very popular with lazy cats. After all, it takes very little effort! Make your furry buddy a comfy window seat, so she can relax and spy on local wildlife.

Pet Tent

Lazy cats are always looking for new spots to rest in. You can make your feline friend a pet tent or tipi in just a few minutes. All you need are an old tee shirt and wire hangars.

Cat Grass Mat

We recommend that cats stay indoors, as they are much safer as inside pets. However, you can give Fluffy a taste of nature. Plant some wheat grass seeds in a shallow storage tote. When they’re grown, your furball will have her own little lawn to fall asleep on! For more creative ideas on how to keep your feline friend content and engaged, check out our article on ‘Easy Ways to Keep Your Cat Happy’.

Our Advice on Great Holiday Gifts for Lazy Cats in 2024

What are some holiday gift ideas for a lazy cat?

For a lazy cat, consider gifts that cater to their love of comfort and relaxation. A plush bed or additional cozy sleeping spots created from repurposed items like hatboxes or suitcases with soft cushions make perfect retreats. Boxes of any size offer endless entertainment with minimal effort, doubling as a plaything and a nap spot. A window seat allows for leisurely bird watching, providing mental stimulation. A simple pet tent or tipi from an old t-shirt and wire hangers can offer a new lounging area. Lastly, a cat grass mat brings a touch of nature indoors, appealing to their instinctual interests with a safe place to sleep.

Can you have too many beds for your cat?

The concept of “too many beds” doesn’t quite apply in feline care. Cats cherish variety and often enjoy having multiple napping spots throughout the home to suit their changing preferences based on time of day, temperature, and mood. Providing several beds in different locations allows your cat to choose based on these factors, enhancing their comfort and well-being. While it might seem excessive to some, from a cat’s perspective, having a selection of cozy spots is just part of their ideal living environment.

Why do cats enjoy having boxes as gifts?

Cats enjoy boxes as gifts due to their instinctual behaviors. Boxes provide a sense of security and safety, offering a secluded space where they can observe their surroundings without being seen. This taps into their natural preference for hiding and ambush hunting. Additionally, the confined space of a box delivers warmth and comfort, as it helps to retain their body heat. The cardboard texture also appeals to them, offering an ideal surface for scratching and biting. Essentially, boxes cater to a range of feline instincts—providing a simple yet effective enrichment tool that satisfies their curiosity and needs for a cozy retreat.

What is an easy way to create a comfortable window seat for a cat?

An easy way to create a comfortable window seat for a cat involves using a sturdy shelf or a wide windowsill. Attach a cushioned mat or a soft blanket to provide a cozy resting place. If the window lacks a sill wide enough, install a floating shelf at a height that allows your cat to jump onto it quickly. Ensure the shelf is securely fixed to the wall to support your cat’s weight. Place it near a window for your cat to enjoy the view, sunbathe, and watch birds or outdoor activities, satisfying their curiosity and need for mental stimulation.

How can you make a pet tent or tipi for your cat?

To make a pet tent or tipi for your cat, you’ll need an old t-shirt, a couple of wire hangers, and some tape or safety pins. First, shape the wire hangers into arches to create a frame for the tent or tipi. Secure the ends of the hangers into a base, such as a piece of cardboard, to form a stable structure. Stretch the t-shirt over this frame, positioning the neck opening as the entrance. Use tape or safety pins to secure the fabric in place. This simple, cozy retreat offers your cat a private space to relax and play.

Happy Holidays! Please reach out to us, your Roanoke, VA vet clinic, for all of your pet’s veterinary care needs. We’re here to help!

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