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7 Rude But Adorable Things Your Cat Will Do This Year

January 1, 2021

Happy New Year! Our feline friends, of course, really couldn’t care less about the holiday. (Fluffy actually celebrates on January 2nd, which is Mew Year’s Day, but that’s another topic.) Actually, there are quite a few things that kitties can’t be bothered to worry about … including manners! If you’re considering adding a new feline friend to your family this year, adopting from a shelter is a great option. Check out our article on Reasons to Adopt Fluffy From a Shelter to learn more. In this article, a Roanoke, VA vet lists some adorable but rude things Fluffy will do in 2024.

Ignore You

Studies have shown that yes, cats do hear their humans calling and yes, they do ignore us. Don’t be surprised if at some point this year you call your feline buddy, only to later find her relaxing and clearly ignoring you.

Break Something

We may never understand Fluffy’s obsession for knocking things off desks and tables. At some point this year, your frisky pet will reach out with that cute little paw and smack something to the ground.

Scratch You

Kitties can be very loving, but they’re also prone to showing cattitude. Even the most lovable furball can bite or scratch. This is often done playfully, or even affectionately, but it’s still quite rude! (Note: if Fluffy is actually attacking you aggressively, ask your vet or a pet behaviorist for advice.) Our Veterinary Services can help address any health or behavioral issues that may be contributing to your cat’s scratching or biting.

Wake You Up

Our feline pals are very much creatures of habit. They also take their morning meals—all five of them—very seriously. If you have the audacity to sleep past the time when Fluffy usually gets her breakfast, your indignant little pet may wake you up to let you know she wants food right meow.

Snub You

Cats can be very affectionate, which is cute. However, Fluffy will only snuggle when she feels like it. She may jump out of your arms if you pick her up, walk away if you pet her, or refuse to stay in your lap.

Demand Attention

On the other paw, kitties can also be very pushy about letting us know they want to be petted. Fluffy may head butt you, grab your sleeve, yell at you, or even try to trip you!

Follow You

Cats like to keep a very close eye on their humans. Your nosy little friend may follow you around, and may even try to accompany you to the bathroom.

Our Advice on Rude But Adorable Things Your Cat Will Do in 2024

Why might your cat deliberately ignore you, even when they hear you calling?

Due to their independent nature and unique social behaviors, cats may deliberately ignore you, even when they hear you calling. Unlike dogs, cats are solitary hunters and do not have the same evolutionary drive to follow commands or seek approval. Their response to being called is often influenced by their mood, current activity, or level of interest in interacting at that moment. Additionally, a cat’s perceived indifference can signify their comfort and security in their environment, feeling no immediate need to respond.

What compels cats to knock items off tables and desks?

Cats knocking items off tables and desks are often attributed to their natural hunting instincts and desire for play and exploration. Cats stalk and pounce on prey in the wild, and knocking objects around mimics this behavior. Additionally, cats may seek attention or express boredom, especially if they lack stimulation or interaction. It’s also a way for them to assert dominance over their territory or to communicate their needs. Appropriate toys and enrichment can help redirect this behavior and prevent damage to household items.

Why will your cat potentially wake you up earlier than you intend?

Cats may wake their owners up earlier than intended, primarily to fulfill their basic needs, such as hunger. Cats are creatures of habit and often expect food at specific times. If their breakfast routine is disrupted or delayed, they may wake their owners to remind them. Additionally, cats may seek attention or playtime, especially if bored or restless. Their instincts for hunting and exploration can prompt them to engage with their environment, including waking up their owners for interaction.

How do cats demand attention from their owners, and what actions might they take?

Cats demand attention from their owners through various behaviors, including headbutting, vocalizing (meowing or yowling), rubbing against their owners, pawing, or jumping onto their laps or shoulders. They may also exhibit more assertive behaviors like grabbing their owner’s sleeve or walking in front of them to block their path. These actions allow cats to communicate their desire for interaction, affection, or playtime with their owners.

Why do cats often follow their owners around the house, including into private spaces?

Cats often follow their owners around the house because they are naturally curious creatures and have a solid attachment to them. They may see their owners as a source of security, companionship, and food. Additionally, cats are territorial animals, and by following their owners, they mark their presence and ensure their territory remains secure. Following their owners into private spaces may also be due to their desire for attention and natural inclination to explore their environment, including off-limits areas.

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