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Adopting A Second Dog

November 15, 2022

There’s a new pet holiday coming up: November 19th has officially been designated Get A Pal For Your Pet Day! This is to celebrate the special bonds pets can form with their roommates. Many of our furry pals love having bffs! If you’ve been considering getting a second dog, this would be the perfect time to do it. A local Roanoke, VA vet offers some advice on adopting a second pooch below.

Think Carefully

There are some important pros and cons to weigh before deciding whether or not to adopt another pooch. Your resident pup’s temperament is one of the big ones. Although our canine companions do love and benefit from having buddies, some dogs just don’t play well with others. If either dog has any aggressive tendencies, it may not be a good match. There’s also the expense to consider. Twice the dog may mean twice the love (and twice the tail wags), but it’s also going to basically double your costs. Make sure that you have the room, time, income, and commitment to care for Spot before proceeding with the adoption.

Pick The Right Pup

If all the lights are green, the next thing is to choose the right pet. Ideally, you would want a pup that’s roughly the same age and size as Fido, and with a compatible personality. If you have a breed preference, then by all means get another pooch of the same breed. Just avoid getting two alpha-type dogs. Spot and Fido may fight, and could injure each other. Age is also a factor.

Let The Dogs Meet

Even if you think you’ve found a great buddy for Fido, it’s best to introduce them before proceeding. Even if the match looks great on paper, there’s always a chance that your canine friends may just not get along. If possible, let them meet on neutral ground, and try taking them for a walk together. Pay close attention to both dogs’ body language. You’re hoping for good signs, such as play bowing and happy tail wags. Some of the red flags to watch for would include tense posture, tail tucking, growling, or snarling. If you notice any of those warning signs, we would advise trying a different dog, or just rethinking things altogether.

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