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Black Cat Day

October 15, 2021

Halloween is just around the corner! You’re probably seeing lots of products and décor featuring black black cats these days. Unfortunately, this isn’t all good. Fluffy hasn’t been able to quell the rumors associating her with witches. This isn’t just a matter of bad PR: it actually has some very sad and real consequences. Black cats are brought to shelters more than any other kitty, and have a much harder time getting adopted. In fact, as many as a third of shelter cats at any given time are black! A Salem, VA veterinarian discusses black cats below.

Old Folklore

The superstitions about black cats go way back to the Dark ages, when they were believed to be witches’ familiars. There is absolutely no truth to this, but unfortunately, those folk tales still persist to this day. Fortunately, those beliefs aren’t held worldwide. In fact, black cats are considered good luck in some places. For instance, British sailors thought they brought protection from storms. And in Japan, women with black cats were thought to attract more potential suitors.


Several cat breeds allow black cats. However, only one kitty is always black: that would be the charismatic, charming, and chatty Bombay!


Here’s an interesting fact: black cats aren’t actually black. If you look closely at Fluffy’s fur when she’s lying in the sun, you’ll notice it’s actually a dark brown. If your furball does enough sunbathing, her coat will lighten a bit. You may even see patterns!


Are you considering adopting a new pet? Why not get a black cat? There are some great benefits to having a void kitty. Fluffy will go with any furniture or décor, and she always looks clean and shiny. You’ll also be doing a good deed by giving your feline pal a new home.


We always advise keeping cats indoors. However, this goes double around Halloween. The autumn holiday is a dangerous time for cats! It’s particularly hazardous for black ones. Not only is Fluffy harder to see at night, she is unfortunately also in danger from pranksters.


How does one celebrate Black Cat Day? Why not share some adorable pictures about black cats? This will help dispel those myths. If you have a black feline, treat her to something special.

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