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Fun Things To Do With Fido This Fall

October 1, 2021

Autumn is officially here! Many of our canine pals love the crisp temperatures and clear days this time of year often brings. Read on as a Salem, VA vet lists some things to put on your to-do list.

Have A Seasonal Snack

Pumpkin is definitely the flavor of the month. Who says Fido can’t get in on the fun? Make some treats both you and your furry best friend can enjoy by combining pureed pumpkin with natural peanut butter, wheat germ oil, whole wheat flour, and an egg. Mix into a batter and cook at 350 for about 20 minutes.

Wardrobe Check

Many of our canine companions don’t get bathed as much in winter as they do in summer. Fido’s coat will be more effective at insulating him if it’s clean and free of dust and dead fur. If your furry pal needs to wear doggy jackets or sweaters when it’s cold, this is the time to make sure everything is clean and still fits.

Play Outdoors

Once it gets cold out, Fido probably won’t want to be outside very much. Get in some fun rounds of Fetch before the temperatures drop.

Bedding Check

Comfy beds are definitely one of life’s best little luxuries. Fido will need a good doggy bed. It’s important for your canine friend to be able to sleep comfortably. A comfy, cozy bed will also insulate your pet from chilly floors while he’s dreaming of bacon.

Photo Shoot

There’s never a bad time to get a cute picture of your four-legged friend. Fall’s gorgeous foliage makes for some really great photos. Try to snap Fido’s pics at sunrise or sundown, when the natural light has that golden look.

Prep Day

Fido has a fur coat on, but he will still need some protection from the weather. If your pup has thin fur, he’ll need a jacket or sweater for frigid days. Make sure your canine buddy’s things are clean, in good condition, and still fit him well.

Take A Walk

It’s Walk Your Dog Week! This really is a perfect time to enjoy some long, relaxing strolls with your furry bff. Grab Fido and a mug of coffee, and just enjoy that crisp weather and gorgeous foliage.

As your Salem, VA animal clinic, we are dedicated to offering great veterinary care. Please feel free to contact us anytime!

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