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Caring For A Blind Dog

August 15, 2022

Blind Dog Day is coming up on August 23rd. About one out of ten of our canine companions will eventually go blind. The odds go up drastically for diabetic dogs: about 75 percent of them will lose their vision. Fido can still be a happy, healthy pet if one or both of his peepers don’t work. He may just need some extra TLC. A Roanoke, VA vet offers some advice on caring for a blind pup in this article.

Avoid Rearranging Things

Blind dogs tend to create mental ‘maps’ of their terrain, and rely on those to get around. Try to avoid moving things around. (Of course, you can’t stop your cat from sprawling out in the middle of the floor, but that’s another issue.)

Use Markers

There are some things you can do to help Fido find his way around more easily. Carpet runners can be great for this. You can also use scent markers, such as air fresheners.

Pet Peeves

Many blind dogs hate being startled. Stamp your foot before approaching Fido. If he’s small enough for you to pick up, make sure he knows you’re there before swooping him up.

Keep Your Furry Friend Safe

Petproofing is absolutely crucial with pups that can’t see. If you have a yard, make sure you have a sturdy fence. Use baby gates or fences to block off things like pools, stairwells, and fireplaces.


One of the concerns with blind dogs is the chance that Fido could run into something and get hurt. There are products that can prevent this from happening. These are often called halos, and they essentially act as doggy bumpers. Not all pups will tolerate them, but it’s worth looking into. For more comprehensive solutions and professional support, visit our “Veterinary Rehabilitation Services” to learn how we can assist with adaptive devices and rehabilitation for your visually impaired pet.

Keep Things Consistent

Stability is absolutely crucial to dogs with vision impairment. Spend time with Fido every day, and try to keep him on a set schedule for walks and meals. Pay extra attention to him if there are major changes, such as moves or changes in the household.

Tail Wags

Fido will still enjoy doing many of the same things that other pups do. As with any other dog, the biggest thing is for him to feel loved and safe. Walks, belly rubs, and treats will get that cute tail going! If you’re looking for more specialized advice, particularly for breeds like Pugs that may have unique health concerns, be sure to check out our article on “Pug Care Tips“.

Do you have questions about caring for a blind dog? Contact us, your Roanoke, VA animal clinic, today.

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