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Catober: Celebrating Shelter Cats

October 1, 2023

October 9th is Catober, the official shelter kitty birthday. Quite a few of our feline patients were adopted from shelters, with more joining their ranks all the time. A local Salem, VA vet offers some insight into shelter kitties in this article.

The Numbers

The statistics about shelter kitties are quite sobering. About 3 million cats are admitted to shelters every year. Those numbers are going down, which is great, but there’s still a long way to go. While many shelters are going no-kill, that isn’t universal: about 530,000 cats are euthanized each year. On a brighter note, about 2 million furballs are adopted annually. Another 100,000 are reunited with their humans.

Reasons To Adopt A Shelter Cat

We’re happy to see any cat going to a loving home, regardless of whether Fluffy was adopted from a shelter, taken in as a kitten, or just showed up on someone’s porch. That said, going through a shelter is a great way to find your new furry friend. Fluffy will likely already be fixed and current on vaccines. You’ll also be able to spend time with her before making a final decision, which helps ensure that you’ve picked the right furball for your home.

Choosing A Shelter Cat

It’s always interesting seeing how people gravitate to certain kitties. One person may fall for that fluffy Siamese cat, while another may like the chatty ginger cat. Don’t overlook the undercat. Senior cats have a hard time finding homes, as do kitties with health problems. Black cats also struggle: they take, on average, nearly 25 percent longer to find homes than other felines. Keep an open mind and an open heart. You may find that the nervous cat nobody else wanted turns out to be the purrfect pet! Our Veterinary Services team is here to help ensure your new feline friend stays healthy and happy in their forever home.

Helping Shelter Cats

One reason to celebrate Catober? It’s a great way to share the word about kitties in shelters. There are many ways to help, from volunteering and fostering to donating money or supplies. Even sharing posts about local cats that are up for adoption can help.

Celebrating Fluffy

If your furry pal came from a shelter, this is a great time to pamper her a bit. We all know what Fluffy’s favorite things are: catnip, toys, treats, and, of course, boxes. Your little buddy also won’t mind a cat tower, scratching post, or a new bed. For more ideas on how to spoil your feline friend, check out our article on Things Your Cat Wants For The Holidays.

Do you have questions about caring for your kitty? Call us, your Salem, VA pet hospital, anytime!

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