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Things Your Cat Wants For The Holidays

December 1, 2021

The holiday season is officially upon us! One of our favorite things about the holidays is that happy feeling you get when you find the perfect gift for someone. Don’t forget to pick up some things for your feline pal! A Salem, VA vet lists some things on Fluffy’s wish list in this article.


Fluffy may look silly (and adorable) when she’s pouncing on a catnip mouse or chasing after that mysterious red dot, but she’s actually indulging built-in predatory instincts that would keep her alive in the wild. Fill your furball’s stocking with fun toys, and take time to play with her daily.


Kitties enjoy treats just as much as people do. Just be careful with what you offer Fluffy. Stick with store-bought treats, or offer your pet some plain, cooked meat, fish, or poultry without the skin, bones or fat. Shredded deli meat is okay, too. Ask your vet for more information.

Catnip Garden

Given the choice, Fluffy would probably want a full, screened-in garden, with not only catnip, but cat grass growing all year round. That’s probably out of the question for most people. However, your feline overlord may settle for a few live catnip plants.

Stocked Fishpond

A stocked fishpond is probably a stretch goal for Fluffy, though they are becoming quite popular in some places. Want to meet your furry buddy halfway? Get her a mechanical ‘swimming’ fish that you can put in a bowl or bucket of water for her. This is a good gift for kitties that like water, such as Bengals.


Who says cats have expensive tastes? Fluffy will be just as thrilled with a plain, empty box as she would with an elaborately-decorated kitty condo.

Elaborately-Decorated Kitty Condo

We know, we just suggested boxes. However, it’s always nice to have choices!


Does your feline friend like high places? If so, she may want her very own cat walk. This is actually a pretty fun option for a patio or game room!

Customized Tree

Fluffy may love attacking your tree, but she’d probably be even happier with one made just for her. This would of course include real branches for climbing, and it would be decorated with sprigs of catnip and hanging cat toys.

Happy Holidays from all of us here at your local Salem, VA animal clinic. Call us anytime!

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