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Fido’s Doggy Duties

June 15, 2022

June 25th is Take Your Dog To Work Day! Given the option, many of our canine pals would accompany their owners to work every day. Of course, Fido does have a few duties of his own. A Roanoke, VA vet lists some of the most important ones below.


Man’s Best Friend is very protective, and is an amazing guardian. In fact, one of Fido’s first jobs was protecting our families, homes, and livestock. Granted, a Chihuahua may not be very helpful at keeping away thieves or predators. However, he’ll still let you know if there’s someone at the door. Regular check-ups with our Veterinary Wellness & Pet Vaccinations services can help ensure your loyal companion stays healthy and ready to fulfill his important duties.

Personal Trainer

Did you know that people with dogs tend to be skinnier than those who don’t have pups? This makes perfect sense: all of those walks add up!

Trail Buddy

Do you enjoy hiking? Many of our canine patients do! Fido is always willing to explore new places with his human pals. Just be sure to bring plenty of water along for him. Fall is a particularly lovely time for outdoor adventures with your furry friend. Check out our article on Fun Things To Do With Fido This Fall for some great ideas.


The last few years have been rough for many people, to say the least. It’s important to protect and preserve your mental and emotional health during tough times! Dogs can be incredibly helpful for this. Sometimes a tail wag, nose boop, or paw on the leg can be extremely comforting. Fido will always be there for you!

Vacuum Cleaner

One thing we know about Man’s Best Friend? He’s not a very picky eater. Fido will happily gobble up any bits of food you drop on the floor. This is one reason to be extra careful when eating things that aren’t safe for our canine buddies, such as grapes and raisins.


Our furry friends can be quite helpful at providing both support and inspiration. For instance, Fido is a living, breathing, tail-wagging example of how important it is to stop and smell the roses. (And the grass. And the trees. And the sidewalk …)


As the saying says, laughter is the best medicine. Dogs certainly provide lots of it! Fido is super cute when he’s playing with a new toy, doing a happy dance to greet you, or just being his goofy and lovable self. Our four-legged friends offer live entertainment, which is definitely something we all can be grateful for.

As your local Roanoke, VA animal clinic, we’re dedicated to keeping your beloved pet happy and healthy. Contact us anytime!

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