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If Cats Had Thumbs

March 1, 2022

March 3rd is If Pets Had Thumbs Day! This is definitely one of the more entertaining pet holidays on the calendar. It’s pretty safe to say that if dogs grew thumbs, they’d immediately set about raiding the fridge and ‘borrowing’ cars. But what about Fluffy? Here, a local Salem, VA vet lists some things your feline pal may do with opposable thumbs.

Hack Your Computer

Fluffy has a penchant for walking across keyboards, so it’s probably safe to say that she’s responsible for a few social media status updates. However, if she could actually type, she’d probably go on a bit of a rampage. You could probably expect to find all of your screensavers set to aquariums. Fluffy may also subscribe to several zoo and wildlife cams.

Order Everything

If your furball figured out how to order things online, you’d probably be in for a bit of sticker shot. You may come home to find your porch heaped with packages. As to what your kitty would order? We’re guessing food and cat treats would be at the top of the list, followed by toys, catnip plants, live fish, and at least a dozen different cat towers. Fluffy may also order some high-end steak or salmon, some random kitchen appliances, and, of course, lots of comfy beds.

Ransack Your Home

Cats are known for being curious. Fluffy would probably be more than happy to go through your cupboards, closets, and drawers. She may very well dump everything out, just to paw through your belongings. We also wouldn’t put it past our feline friends to tear the labels off your spices and canned goods, just to be jerks. After all, there are plenty of Things Cats Don’t Care About, and your belongings are probably on that list.


Kitties are very good about keeping their claws sharp. Fluffy would probably be purrfectly happy to experiment with a real nail file and clippers.


Our feline companions are quite playful. Fluffy may want to try her paw at a few different games, such as darts or billiards. She may even try video games! Golf and hockey might also be appealing, given Fluffy’s penchant for knocking things off counters.

Spa Care

If there’s one things cats like, it’s being pampered. Fluffy may comb her fur, and she might decide to use a back scratcher to get those stubborn itchy spots.

As your Salem, VA animal clinic, we hope you’ll give our care and services a thumbs-up. Call us anytime!

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