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Signs Of Dementia In Kitties

February 14, 2022

Did you know that cats can develop dementia, just like people can? As Fluffy ages, you’ll want to watch for signs that she is experiencing a cognitive decline. A local Salem, VA veterinarian lists some of the red flags to watch for in this article.


Disorientation in cats can be tricky to spot: Fluffy can’t exactly tell you if she is confused. However, if she seems disoriented, looks or acts confused, or seems lost, she may have dementia.


If your furry pal is normally sweet, but suddenly is acting grouchy and/or aggressive, dementia could be to blame.

Grooming Changes

Sometimes, kitties with dementia will neglect their coats. This will leave their fur looking matted and tangled. Other cats will go the other way, and lick or groom themselves excessively. If you have a hairless cat, such as a Sphynx or Peterbald, you may notice changes in their skin condition or grooming habits. For more information on caring for these unique felines, check out our article on Caring for a Hairless Cat.


Litterbox issues are another red flag. This can sometimes be an incontinence issue, but it could also be due to dementia. Either way, it would warrant a call to the vet.


Fluffy often withdraws when something is bothering her, or when she doesn’t feel well. If your feline buddy seems to be spending most of her time by herself, there may be something going on with her.

Changes In Activity Levels

It’s normal for kitties to slow down as they get older. However, a sudden, steep decline in energy is definitely not normal.


Fluffy may notice that things are changing, but she won’t understand what is happening. This, understandably, can make her very anxious. This can reveal itself in a variety of ways: she may shed heavily, go off her food, or act clingy.


Cats with dementia often meow to vocalize their fear and distress. If your furry friend is suddenly meowing a lot more than usual, dementia is one possibility.


Sometimes kitties with dementia just want to be comforted. Fluffy may seem especially clingy, and may not want to let you out of her sight. Just do what you can to comfort her.

Schedule Changes

Our feline companions are definitely creatures of habit. Many cats follow the same daily schedule for their meals, meditation and beauty sessions, naps, sunbathing, and playtime. If Fluffy’s kitty agenda suddenly seems out of whack, dementia could be setting in.

If you know or suspect that your cat has dementia, contact us, your Salem, VA vet clinic, today. Our Veterinary Diagnostics services can help identify the underlying cause of your cat’s symptoms and develop an appropriate treatment plan. We’re here for you!

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