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Resolutions Inspired By Cats

January 1, 2022

Happy New Year! As we roll on into 2022, many of us are focusing on personal goals. Change and growth are important parts of life! It’s always good to strive for improving yourself and your situation. Of course, our feline pals probably aren’t too concerned with self-improvement. However, Fluffy can still be a helpful source of inspiration here. Read on as a local Salem, VA vet lists some resolutions inspired by kitties.

Get Lots Of Rest

It’s probably safe to say that getting lots of sleep is Fluffy’s golden rule. Cats can spend up to 20 hours a day sleeping. You don’t need to go quite that far, but make sure you are getting enough rest.

Look Your Best

Kitties are very, very dedicated to keeping up with their grooming needs. Fluffy takes time every day to keep her fur soft and shiny. Put your best foot forward by taking the time to look neat and well-groomed.

Be (At Least Somewhat) Active

Kittens are basically tiny, fuzzy tornadoes. However, Fluffy will slow down over time. Even senior cats have their frisky moments. Provide your furry friend with a variety of toys, and play with her regularly. Even if your cute pet taps out after a few halfhearted paw swipes, the exercise and stimulation will still be beneficial for her.

Reflect On Things

Our feline friends certainly do enjoy just lounging around, relaxing and looking adorable. Fluffy also seems to spend a lot of time pondering, thinking, considering, and contemplating. Take some down time this year, and just relax and unwind. You may even want to try meditating.

Express Yourself

Kitties may be small, but that doesn’t stop them from showing their opinions. Look for ways you can express yourself creatively. Why not try a new art or hobby this year? That’s a great resolution!

Eat Well

Fluffy is notorious for being finicky about food. This can be a great reminder to set high standards for what you put on both your plate and your pet’s. After all, you are what you eat!


To be fair, cats are more interested in napping on books and computers than in reading them. However, the point still stands. Reading is a great way to feed your mind!

All of us here at Harris, your Salem, VA pet clinic, wish you a wonderful and prosperous new year. Call us anytime!

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