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Spotlight On Samoyeds

May 1, 2023

May 1st is a celebration of one of the most adorable and lovable pups ever: the Samoyed. These fluffy white dogs are not only super cute, they’re also lots of fun. A local Roanoke, VA vet discusses the Samoyed in this article.


Fido can trace his ancestry to Siberia; he’s descended from the Nenets Herding Laika, another fluffy snow dog that was used by the Nenets people of the Yamal Peninsula. Studies have revealed that similar pooches have been in that region for at least 2000 years. The modern Samoyed bounded cheerfully onto the scene in the late 1800’s, and is descended directly from pooches explorers brought from the Nemets for the Fram North Pole Expedition.


This is one area in which the Samoyed truly shines. These guys are usually super friendly, and just tend to be very happy and playful. That happy-go-lucky reputation is only compounded by the fact that Fido often naturally looks like he’s smiling. That famous Sammie Smile can definitely melt hearts. Actually, Samoyeds are so friendly that they’re basically useless as guard dogs, though they do bark when they notice something out of place. Aside from that, the Samoyed is a high energy pup that needs lots of playtime, as he can get destructive if bored. Another fun fact? Fido still has sled dog instincts: your canine buddy may very well pull you along on his walks!


Like any other breed, Samoyeds are prone to a few specific health conditions. One in particular is so common that it carries their name: Samoyed hereditary glomerulopathy is a kidney disease. Watch for warning signs. These include vomiting, excessive thirst, increased urination, weakness, lethargy, and weight loss. Other common health issues include diabetes, eye issues, hip dysplasia, and skin problems. Keep up with your extra-furry friend’s veterinary appointments!

Beauty Care

If there was ever a pup that could legitimately be called a floofer, it’s the Samoyed. As one can expect, these guys are heavy shedders. Brushing Fido regularly can help capture that extra fur, so that it ends up in his brush instead of plastered to, well, everything. These guys don’t do well in the heat, so you’ll need to take steps to keep Fido cool in summer. Ask your vet for specific care tips.

Do you have questions about caring for a Samoyed? Contact us, your Roanoke, VA animal clinic, today!

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