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Walk Your Dog Month

January 1, 2018

Happy New Year! January 1st is of course most widely known as the start of a new year, but for those of us in the pet care industry, it also has another significance: it’s the first day of Walk Your Dog Month! Although for many of us every month is Walk Your Dog Month, this is a great time to take a look at your doggy-walking regime! Read on as a Roanoke, VA vet discusses taking Fido for a stroll.

Benefits of Walking

For many people, walking Fido is an absolute necessity, for sanitary purposes. However, even if your pooch has a yard, he’ll still benefit from regular strolls. Those daily walks provide your furry friend with mental stimulation, which will fight off the bored-puppy blues and keep that cute tail wagging. They also keep your canine companion active, which is great for him physically. Plus, they’re a great way for you to bond with your dog!


Does your pooch pull on his leash? If so, you’ll want to correct this bad habit immediately. It’s not only bad doggy manners, it can actually be dangerous, especially with larger breeds. When Fido jerks on his leash, immediately stop and change direction. Keep doing this every time your dog pulls. Training can get a bit tedious, but it will be well worth it in the end.


Always put your pet’s safety first! When walking Fido on the side of a road, keep him to the outside. He has a lower profile, and is harder for drivers to see. Also, avoid potentially dangerous areas, such as riverbanks, wooded areas that could be housing wild animals, and isolated spots. We recommend bringing a phone and flashlight with you. If you listen to music through earbuds, keep the volume low, so you can hear what is going on around you.


Tie a carabiner onto the end of your dog’s leash. That way, if you want to stop and talk to someone or make a phone call, you can easily clip Fido to a pole or tree. Just don’t leave your furry pal unattended! Another thing you can do is to designate a specific jacket for walking your canine buddy. Put waste baggies, treats, gloves, and other necessities in the pockets.

Do you have questions about your pet’s health or care? Contact us, your Roanoke, VA pet hospital, anytime!

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