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Cute Ways To Celebrate National Pet Day With Fluffy

April 1, 2023

You may want to put a paw print on your calendar for April 11th: it’s National Pet Day! Kitties really do bring a lot of love and happiness into our lives. As far as we’re concerned, a house isn’t really a home without a purring cat. While you certainly don’t need a reason to celebrate your feline friend, this is a purrfect chance to pamper her a bit. A Roanoke, VA vet suggests a few things you can do to honor this ‘pawspicious’ occasion below. 


It’s important for kitties to have toys to bat down the hall in the middle of the night. Fluffy is a hunter at heart, and really benefits from being able to unleash her inner lioness regularly. Pick up some new things for your frisky furball! Playing with your cat not only provides mental and physical stimulation, but also strengthens the bond between you. For more reasons to prioritize playtime, check out our article on 7 Reasons To Play With Your Cat.


Holidays are generally celebrated with delicious foods. Kitty holidays are no exception! Get something special for Fluffy Store-bought treats are fine, but you can also please your feline overlord by offering some plain, cooked meat, fish, or chicken without the skin, bones, or fat. Just stick with safe options. 

Kitty Furniture

Has it been a while since Fluffy got a new bed? Could your kitty use a cat tower, or perhaps a fun play center? You don’t necessarily have to break the bank getting your furry friend her gifts: there are plenty of great DIY options. Look online for ideas and instructions. Of course, regular check-ups with our Veterinary Services are also an important part of keeping your cat healthy and happy throughout the year.


No surprises here: we will never get tired of watching Fluffy enjoy the effects of her favorite plant. Catnip is actually pretty hardy, so if your fuzzy pal really loves it, you may want to try growing your own. Cat grass is another popular choice.


It’s probably safe to say that we’ve been talking to Fluffy since we first befriended her, which may have been as much as 12,000 years ago. Kitties know when we are communicating with them, and clearly appreciate the attention. We’ve recently gained a new way to talk to our feline pals. You can now get cat translation devices that allow your cute little pet to talk to you directly. There are several apps, but one of the most interesting are programmable pads that speak specific words when cats step on them. (Results may vary.)

As your Roanoke, VA pet hospital, we’re dedicated to providing excellent care. Contact us anytime. 

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