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Leaving Your Dog Home Alone

September 1, 2019

Dogs are very faithful. Given the choice, Fido would happily stay by your side 24/7. However, your pooch can’t go everywhere with you. There are some things you can do to make your dog’s alone time a bit easier on him, however. Read on for some great tips from a Salem, VA vet on leaving Fido home by himself.

Morning Routine

Before you head out, make sure that your pet gets a good doggy workout in. Take Fido for a long walk, and then play with him for a few minutes. The goal here is to tire your furry pal out a bit, so he’ll spend a chunk of his alone time napping.


When it comes to preventing doggy boredom, toys are absolutely crucial. Offer Fido a variety of playthings, and change them out regularly to keep things fun for him. Puzzle toys and treat toys are great here, as they can occupy your canine buddy for hours!


Keep a radio or TV playing softly for your pet. Many pooches love the sound of human voices, so the background noise will soothe your furry friend. You can also try playing programs made just for dogs.

Window View

If possible, clear a spot near a window, so Fido can look out at the birds and squirrels and make nose art on your windows. (Tip: try using vinegar and newspaper to clean your canine pal’s masterpieces.)


Never underestimate Fido’s ability to get into trouble, or his habit of eating, well, everything. Make sure your home is safe for your frisky pet by putting anything he shouldn’t eat or chew on out of paws’ reach. This includes toxic plants; wires and cords; plastic bags, wraps, and ties; medicine; chemicals; and anything small or sharp.


If you are going to be gone more than about 8 hours or so, consider hiring a dog walker. This will give your pet a chance to get out and enjoy some fresh air and exercise before you get home. You may also want to consider doggy daycare. Fido can spend the day happily running and playing with his friends. Then, by the time you pick him up, he’ll be tired out, and ready for cuddles and belly rubs.

Please reach out to us, your Salem, VA vet clinic, for all your pet’s veterinary care needs. We’re here to help!

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